27 Jan. 2015

Ruby Engagement Rings Inspired by Mythology

Associated with romance, riches and loyalty, I began to see why many couples are fond of the idea of a ruby engagement ring. F&L member Susan Peires is more than aware of the symbolisms and mystical powers of gemstones and she is always excited to tell her clients all about them. In this article, I’m exploring the option of a ruby, integrated here in one of Susan’s intriguing designs. Read More...

27 Jan. 2015

The Passion of Ruby Engagement Rings

The almost endless symbolism and inspiration that lie behind this exquisite ruby ring by the hand of Daniel Gallie are enchanting. From the woven band, created with the ‘cire perdue’ technique, to the different kinds of metal and interesting choice of centre stone, everything about this ring screams that Daniel is an amazing choice of engagement ring designer! Read More...

27 Jan. 2015

An Unusual and Distinctive Ruby Engagement Ring

Admire the distinctive characteristics of Beth Gilmour's extraordinary ruby engagement ring design in our review of this unique creation. Do you love the way the softly burnished light yellow gold complements the rare pinkish tone of the ruby and are you enchanted by the shape of the leaves that are cleverly holding the bezel setting? Then Beth Gilmour’s style might be the one you’re looking for for your own bespoke design! Read More...

27 Jan. 2015

A Warm and Richly Glowing Ruby Engagement Ring

F&L member Catherine Mannheim loves to design jewellery that integrates different shades of gold, and the way she combined both white and yellow gold to complement this exquisitely deep and warm red ruby simply takes my breath away. If you’re inspired by this unique creation and would like Catherine to design your ruby engagement ring as well, make sure to arrange an appointment with her! Read More...


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F&L's Guide

The magnificent ruby has been favoured by royalty and celebrities alike for centuries. Its crimson hues exude an aura of warmth, luxury and passion, and when fashioned into an elegant ruby engagement ring it is the ultimate symbol of love. F particularly loves this fiery gem and has repeatedly pointed out dazzling ruby rings with accent diamonds set in gleaming yellow gold. He declares them to be the embodiment of regal luxury.