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Unusual Pearl Engagement Rings by David McLoughlin

Jan. 16 2015
David McLoughlin shows us the beauty of the unconventional with his unique pearl engagement ring design. Behold this gem in its natural form!

If you are looking for an experienced designer then look no further than David McLoughlin. Inspired by the life cycle of jewellery, David specialises in recycling pieces which are unsalvageable in their original form.

L loves the idea of jewellery evolving through different lifetimes and being work by different wearers, and this is certainly the case with the pearl engagement ring that David designed. L and I were very intrigued when we saw how different it is to traditional designs featuring this classic stone.

Pearl Ring by David McLoughlin

Pearl Ring by David McLoughlin

Usual designs we see for pearl engagement rings are delicate and reflect the softness of the stone. They are usually designed to be occasion pieces as the fragile material is quite easily damaged if worn on an everyday basis. David’s ring is certainly subverting from dainty with its thick, twisted band and uniquely shaped gem but would certainly still be appropriate as an occasion piece.

I found the shape of this highly unusual stone very captivating and it got me wondering about the conditions which could have created it.

It was an inspiring reminder of the unpredictable ways in which Mother Nature works. This was a theme I also saw reflected in the way the gold band twists, making me think of the roots of an old, wise tree.

There’s something about David’s work which L and I find very meaningful. The way he spoke to us about creating contemporary jewellery from family heirlooms opened our eyes to the exciting possibilities of leaving something beautiful behind for generations after us.

David’s ability to take something vintage and create something new and refreshing is unparalleled.

He also spoke to us about his joy in restoring antiques, leaving L and me mystified as to how he manages to work in the past, present and future and produce stunning results for all three. We were very taken with his exceptional pearl engagement ring and look forward to seeing more of his work.

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