Ultimate Glamour: Diamond and Pearl Engagement Rings

Jan. 16 2015
Jessica Poole has truly excelled herself with this beautiful diamond and pearl engagement ring.

When I first saw Jessica Poole’s amazing diamond and pearl engagement ring, my jaw dropped. I could sense F’s amusement as I pored over the intricate details Jessica had so carefully crafted into it. My reaction was quite representative for me seeing another piece of Jessica’s work; her jewellery making techniques are so exquisite I could happily examine them for hours!

Pearl and Diamonds Ring by Jessica Poole

Pearl and Diamonds Ring by Jessica Poole

An Eye-Popping Combination

With a brilliant diamond centrepiece surrounded by other smaller diamonds, the ring was eye-catching already. However, the other added gems really made the entire piece pop. I’ve been looking at a lot of pearl engagement rings recently and I’m used to them being a thing of subtlety with minimal accents. Both F and I agreed that this was the best route to take the classic stone down, as that is what best suits its delicacy.

However, Jessica has managed to completely change my mind. I now see how perfectly the stones complement one another and feel my opinion of multiple stone rings changing altogether. Being a soft material, pearls are not often used for everyday jewellery, but the fact that this ring incorporates stones as hard as diamonds as well makes it a little bit more resilient.

Knowing that Jessica hand makes everything and is fully committed to producing the best quality she can, I have so much admiration for her as a bespoke designer.

She has studied her craft at many different places and has mastered both the setting and mounting technique which is rare for a designer. She has a truly hands-on approach with all of her commissions, and when a ring of this quality is the result, who could ask for more?

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