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The Symbolic Pearl Engagement Ring

Feb. 13 2014
A pearl engagement ring is a beautiful way to convey a beautiful message. It represents a traditional, symbolic and unusual choice for an engagement ring.

L and I both agree on one major factor regarding our engagement ring choice: we both want it to be a meaningful symbol of our feelings for each other and represent more than just a pretty piece of jewellery.

The more we learn about the world of engagement ring stones, the more we have come to realise that each different type of gem carries a particular meaning and symbolism with it. Whether they are connected to religious beliefs, pagan rituals or simply the western perception of romantic love, these layers of meaning have been fascinating to discover and have made our final selection a very hard decision!

The Pearl’s Symbolic Meaning

It is no different for a pearl engagement ring. Much like diamonds, sapphires or emeralds, pearls have a very definite meaning in the eyes of the average person on the street, and offering your significant other a ring with one of these stones topping it often conveys different layers of symbolic meaning.

Coralline Reef silver by Ornella Ianuzzi

Coralline Reef silver by Ornella Ianuzzi

Traditionally, pearls fall into the category of ‘semi-precious stones’: less valuable, monetarily, than the other stones listed in the previous paragraph. However, a pearl engagement ring has priceless value due to the sentimental significance of its featured stone. In western society, pearls traditionally represent romantic love, and the presentation of a pearl item to a special someone has been a standard demonstration of affection for decades, if not centuries.

There are, however, a variety of other meanings associated with this type of stone, which make a pearl engagement ring that much more special and desirable. The stone is believed to represent such qualities as purity, humility, honesty and femininity, which, when coupled with its classically beautiful appearance, contributes to its long-standing position as a favourite for couples in love.

It has also, throughout the centuries, been a representative of the beauty of unblemished perfection, and pagan cultures used it as a symbol for water and the moon – elements which have long been associated with an ethereal and pure quality.

A pearl engagement ring, with its simple, elegant beauty, embodies what may be difficult to put into words for some people.

There are so many varieties of pearls in a multitude of gorgeous, iridescent colours that they obviously hold great potential to play a dominant role in a unique looking, customised ring that conveys many feelings.

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