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Subtle and Timeless Pearl Engagement Rings

Jan. 16 2015
Coloured gemstones have recently risen in popularity but looking at this stunning pearl engagement ring, we’re wondering when it’ll be the pearl’s turn?

I’ve always admired designers who experiment with pearl engagement rings. The gem is so effortlessly beautiful on its own that I’m often curious about what a designer can bring to the table to enhance it even further. I also find these designers extremely brave as pearls are very soft, which can make them tricky to work with.

Pearl Rings by Farah Qureshi

Pearl Rings by Farah Qureshi

Subtlety is Key

When using a pearl in an engagement ring, L and I believe that subtlety is key, and this is something Farah Qureshi was well aware of when creating this masterpiece. When speaking to us about her inspirations, it was very interesting to hear Farah tell us about the wide range of experiences that have led to her unique jewellery designs. Often one for working with coloured gems, we were intrigued to see her take on a timeless, non-coloured classic. We certainly weren’t disappointed.

A Stunning Simplistic Elegance

Farah’s pearl engagement ring design embodies the very essence of the stone. Other than the slightly chunky setting, she has left the ring extremely minimalistic and L thinks the effect is staggering. The colouring of the band is almost identical to that of the centre stone, creating the illusion that the entire ring is made of it. There is nothing else on the band to distract from the timeless centrepiece, to the point that the band even has a patina and could pass as the same texture as the stone itself.

As far as simplistic elegance goes, Farah has ticked all the right boxes.

With so many influences on her palette, Farah has the capability of creating something as delicate as this ring, but also extremely glamorous pieces. She has a truly eclectic taste in jewellery and meets any commission with an abundance of ideas and creative flare. We left feeling very excited to see her upcoming work!

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