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Pearl Engagement Rings and their Classic Beauty

Jan. 16 2015
Ornella Iannuzzi’s pearl engagement rings combine traditional beauty with the unrivalled force of nature. The result? A truly stunning design.

L and I recently discussed how pearl engagement rings have become a lot less common compared to the use of other gemstones. We know that pearls are a soft material to use and that they’re not particularly suited to everyday wear, but after looking at Ornella Iannuzzi’s beautiful design this didn’t seem to matter at all.

Coralline Reef Silver Ring by Ornella Iannuzzi

Coralline Reef Silver Ring by Ornella Iannuzzi

Ornella encapsulates coral structures within her work, which you can especially see in her new Coralline collection.

It was from this Coralline collection that we discovered this stunning ring. L said she would happily wear it less if it meant she got to own something so unique and glamorous.

A Mini Coral Reef On Your Finger

It’s hard to pick out just a few things that stand out to us about this ring. L adores the soft shade of pink and how the shiny silver compliments it so perfectly. My fascination is with the structure of the ring itself. Often you can’t really tell where the inspiration for a ring design came from, but with Ornella’s work it is astonishingly clear. She creates a mini coral landscape for your finger, allowing you to carry some of nature’s most beautiful work on your hand. L’s eyes lit up looking at Ornella’s designs and I knew she’d won us over with the amazing craftsmanship of her pearl engagement rings.

When we spoke to Ornella about her bespoke services we loved hearing about her passion for creating something unique and personal to her client. If her collections are anything to go by, then we know that her commissioned work would be able to capture the passion and beauty of a relationship as well as it captures nature.

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