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Earthly Treasures: Pearl Engagement Rings

Mar. 11 2015
Chris and Joy Poupazis specialise in unusual stones and bringing dreams to reality. They have certainly achieved that with this gorgeous pearl engagement ring!

As soon as I laid my eyes on Chris and Joy Poupazis’ amazing design I fell in love! F knows that pearl engagement rings are a real weakness of mine and therefore I was very inspired by this gorgeous creation.

South Sea Queen by CJ Poupazis

South Sea Queen by CJ Poupazis

The inspiration that Chris and Joy take from unusual stones that are bound within the magic of folklore is something that has always caught my interest and excited me.

I know that this couple works with pearls a lot, which is something I always find extremely admirable in jewellery designers. Pearls are very soft and notoriously tricky to work with, so any designer who manages to successfully harness their beauty into a ring design immediately earns my respect.

This design is from the Earth Treasures collection which is inspired by organic ocean life forms.

I can truly see the influence of underwater life within this ring and the border of white diamonds complements the stunning blue hue of the South Sea pearl perfectly. I love designs that have motifs of the organic within them and in this design I can see the shape of the sea clam, the form of a starfish and the beauty of a coral reef all combined. This ring is truly a beautiful tribute to the ocean and – for who would dare to go for it – makes for great inspiration for a bespoke pearl engagement ring!

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