Unique inspirations for your pearl engagement ring

South Sea Queen by CJ Poupazis
11 Mar. 2015

Earthly Treasures: Pearl Engagement Rings

Pearls are not the easiest gems to work with because of their softness and vulnerability, but with this design London-based jewellery makers Joy and Chris Poupazis have managed to integrate one in an ingenious setting that at the same time protects and shows off the pearl. Part of the Earth Treasures collection, this ‘South Sea Queen’ ring is clearly inspired by organic ocean life forms. Read More...

Coralline Reef Silver Ring by Ornella Iannuzzi
16 Jan. 2015

Pearl Engagement Rings and their Classic Beauty

What happens when you combine the traditional beauty of a pearl engagement ring with a design that represents the unrivalled force of nature? That's right: you get a stunning design that will turn everybody's head! Jewellery designer Ornella Iannuzzi is one of the creative minds who have taken on the challenge of working with the soft and vulnerable pearl, and the result of her effort is eye-popping. Read More...

16 Jan. 2015

Ultimate Glamour: Diamond and Pearl Engagement Rings

Did you know that diamonds and pearls go beautifully well together? Just have a glance at this creation by Jessica Poole and you will be convinced forever. The two gemstones complement each other beautifully. Pearls are not often used for everyday jewellery because of their vulnerability, but Jessica managed to make this ring a little bit more resilient by choosing a diamond as a centre stone and using pearls as complementary gems. Read More...

16 Jan. 2015

Subtle and Timeless Pearl Engagement Rings

Often one for working with coloured gems, we were intrigued to see jewellery designer Farah Qureshi take on a timeless, non-coloured classic with this subtle pearl ring. The minimalistic ring band, which has virtually the same colour as the pearl itself, is stunningly elegant in its simplicity and seems to blend in with the centre stone perfectly. Read More...

Pearl Ring by David McLoughlin
16 Jan. 2015

Unusual Pearl Engagement Rings by David McLoughlin

A natural gem can be at its most beautiful in its natural form, which is something David McLoughlin illustrates with this unique pearl ring. He continues the organic theme with the rough, twisted gold ring band, which makes me think of the roots of an old, wise tree. Read on to learn more about this exceptional design and how it represents the style of Mr McLoughlin. Read More...

Have these designers create your perfect ring

Joy and Chris PoupazisLondon
Nicola HurstPlymouth
Stepan TerteryanLondon
Keith GordonHertfordshire
Jon DibbenSurrey
Andrew LeggettSussex
Jo BellLondon
Julia Lloyd GeorgeLondon
James NewmanBirmingham
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David and Barry McCaulLondon
Serena FoxSurrey
Fei LiuBirmingham
Ornella IannuzziLondon
Simon WrightLondon
David McLoughlinLondon
Diana PorterBristol
Christopher AndersonStamford
Mabel HasellLondon
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Mia ChiccoLondon
Esther EyreLondon
Mirri DamerCornwall
Jessica PooleLondon
Amanda Li HopeLondon
Daniel GallieLondon
Shivani PatelWorcester
Andrew GeogheganYorkshire
Maria ThompsonLondon

F&L's Guide

I think it is a safe assumption to make that every bride wants a unique and extraordinary engagement ring. One of the most unusual yet classically beautiful styles F and I have come across is the pearl engagement ring. No other rings seems to combine such an exotic look with timeless beauty as elegantly as pearl rings do. This style is growing in popularity and offers an exquisite variety of choices.