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Organic Beauty: Opal Engagement Rings by Maria Thompson

Jan. 9 2015
Maria Thompson demonstrates her eclectic talent with her creation of opal engagement rings. Have a look at one of the stunning examples here.

As soon as we heard about one of Maria Thompson’s opal engagement rings I knew that L would be extremely excited. We’re both huge fans of Maria’s work and love that she is inspired by things that are organic, and this design certainly lived up to our expectations. Featuring a large, stunning opal which Maria’s client commissioned her to use, she has truly done the beauty of the stone justice with the rest of her design.

Opal Ring by Maria Thompson

Opal Ring by Maria Thompson

I can see Maria’s connection with all things natural in the shape she has kept the stone in, and the complementary curves of the ring band that surrounds it. L agreed with me that it has a feeling of the sea to it, almost as if it could have been found on the ocean floor made organically by Mother Nature.

I think opal engagement rings have an incomparable magic to them.

It’s unfortunate that the stone is so soft and consequently not very practical when it comes to everyday wear. But this is where Maria shines, as she has created something which is beyond everyday wear anyway. This ring deserves to be shown on a special occasion!

L and I really admire Maria’s eclectic nature when it comes to bespoke designing.

We could see that this ring is very different from her usual style, but Maria was so enthusiastic and warm when she spoke to us about it that we could tell she really gives her all to her bespoke work.

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