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Nature Inspired Opal Engagement Rings

Jan. 9 2015
Ornella Iannuzzi’s opal engagement rings never fail to take my breath away – they are true masterpieces! See a stunning example here.

Ornella Iannuzzi truly indulges my love for opal engagement rings with this exquisite design. I was extremely excited to meet Ornella and see her work in person and I certainly wasn’t disappointed! Inspired by the Blue Nile Falls, Ornella has used a Wello opal in a cabochon cut for this magnificent creation.

Opal Ring by Ornella Iannuzzi

Would You… by Ornella Iannuzzi

When Ornella told F and me about her travels to Ethiopia in the search for this particular stone, I felt truly honoured to have the chance to see it first hand.

I haven’t met very many designers who commission opal engagement rings with Ornella’s amount of enthusiasm as these stunning stones are quite soft and challenging to work with. Ideally they are made to be occasion pieces as everyday wear would most likely damage the stone, but I can’t help but think it would be worth it after gazing upon Ornella’s Coralline Collection.

There’s something about Ornella taking inspiration from nature which resonates with me.

I love to be able to identify what makes a designer tick by examining their work and I can definitely see the Blue Nile Falls within this design. From the unbelievable colouring of the Wello stone to the bubbling setting and intriguing carvings inside the band, I can see Ornella has considered and poured her creativity into every aspect of this ring. I simply love it!

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