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The Missing Engagement Ring Stone

Apr. 1 2014
Engagement Ring Stones are often considered the Signature Feature of the rings themselves. However, have you considered going ‘stoneless’?

I’m not sure how it happened, but it did. My mate and I were quietly sipping our pints at the pub the other evening, and somehow we got on topic of engagement rings.

I guess stranger topics of conversation have come up between us, but this was a first. He was lamenting the dreaded prospect of finding, choosing and financing the engagement ring stones his fiancée had been hinting at wanting. To be honest, he claimed he did not see why the stone was so important and perhaps he should just go ‘stoneless’. We both laughed, but then silently pondered this potentially brilliant idea.

Could It Be Done?

Once this little seed of an idea was planted in my mind, I simply had to find out if it was possible and if it had been done. I was not all that surprised to find out that yes, it had been done but the results certainly struck me as quite controversial. As excited as I was, I was also pretty sure this would not fly with L.

Alternative 1: Metalwork Techniques

I was quite impressed with the designs I came across that featured exquisite metalwork in lieu of an engagement ring stone. The craftsmanship, skill and artistry that can be shown through the use of precious metals is simply amazing. Ancient metalwork techniques such as the Japanese Mokume Gane are fascinating and create a very unique and striking look.

   Mokume-gane ring by MAURO CATEB, used under a Creative Commons licence (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/legalcode)

Japanese Mokume Gane rings create a very unique and striking look

The more traditional decorative techniques used on metals, such as filigree or miligrain, are still as gorgeous today as they were decades ago. I even found one example of a ring with a diamond fashioned out of silver, that conveyed the message that the ring symbolised the ‘promise of a life together and one day that diamond will become real’. I fear that that one would only work for the true romantic.

Alternative 2: the ‘Bright Cut’ Ring

The more I looked into the possibility of eliminating the engagement ring stone from the engagement ring, the stranger the options began to be. For the ultra-modern bride who appreciates a good dose of irony, one could consider the ‘Bright Cut’ ring. This devilish design features a slim band with an enormous, seven-prong cathedral mounting all in shiny rhodium-plated sterling silver.

However, the giant claws of the mounting hold nothing but air. No diamond. No bling.

This ring is not for the faint-hearted but it is almost more of a head-turner than any ring with the biggest diamond set on it.

So, apparently engagement ring stones can be done without. However, despite the beauty and craftsmanship displayed on many alternative styles of rings, I would consider going ‘stone-less’ very carefully before you get too carried away. As with so many factors regarding engagement rings, the beauty will always be in the eye of the beholder, so perhaps one of these rings that playfully bucks against the ‘norm’ could be the perfect one for you.

Designers who love alternative gemstones

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