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McCaul Goldsmiths: Magicians of Opal Engagement Rings

Jan. 9 2015
David and Barry McCaul take on the challenges of creating beautiful opal engagement rings and have managed to make something breathtaking.

I have always had a soft spot for opal engagement rings; their magical beauty is truly undeniable. However I’ve always ruled out the thought of getting one because of how soft the stone is and, especially for my engagement ring, I want something which would be fit for everyday use.

Meeting the McCaul brothers really filled me with hope for the future of opal jewellery as they showed me this incredible design. They spoke to me about enjoying the challenge that working with softer stones gave them, as their talent and skill allow them to experiment with ring settings to keep the stone just that little bit more protected.

Opal Ring by McCaul Goldsmiths

Opal Ring by McCaul Goldsmiths

After they said this I imagined a large, chunky setting which distracted from the stone but when I saw this design that wasn’t the case at all.

The shining ridge holds and complements the stunning stone perfectly!

It perhaps still wouldn’t be the most ideal for daily wear but is certainly a stunning occasion piece. David and Barry’s approach to opal engagement rings is very refreshing and impressive, as are the rest of their jewellery creations.

The McCaul Goldsmiths spoke to F and me about their involvement in every step of their work, something which is very appealing to couples like us who love bespoke design. I’m certainly excited to see if they take on any more challenging stones and how they will approach the task if they do!

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