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Beautifully Unusual Engagement Ring Stones

Jan. 9 2015
Serena Fox tells us that she loves unusual engagement ring stones and looking at this design, we can see why!

During our exploration of bespoke designers, L and I have come across a lot of different engagement ring stones we had never heard of before. It’s been a really exciting learning curve, especially when we met Serena Fox and got to see one of her favourite designs; a stunning white gold ring with a Paraiba tourmaline centre stone.

Paraiba Tourmaline Ocean ring by Serena Fox

Paraiba Tourmaline Ocean ring by Serena Fox

The clarity of the brilliant blue stone is certainly breathtaking to behold.

The fact that tourmalines are extremely durable makes the ring even more attractive… L rolled her eyes at this as she tends to find my interest in practicality rather boring. Either way, this design had us both itching to see more of Serena’s work so that we could see what other fascinating gems she uses.

L was mesmerised by the combination of Serena’s gem choices and delicate metalwork.

Serena revealed that she had named this ring after the ocean and we could immediately see the inspiration in her design. After doing a fair amount of travelling, both L and I admire designers who are inspired by natural and organic phenomena in their work, so on top of the stunning design that really was the cherry on the cake.

I’m usually a great fan of traditional engagement ring stones but Serena’s work definitely had me considering a more unusual gemstone for L’s bespoke design. The way that L’s eyes lit up as Serena’s work indicated that this would potentially be a good idea was simply priceless.

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