F&L's favourite engagement ring stones

1 Dec. 2015

Simon Wright’s Exquisite Yellow Beryl and Diamond Ring

What could be better than having a huge, eye-catching and extraordinary gemstone on your finger? Well... what about having that extraordinary gemstone on your finger set in a manner that magnifies it even further? Simon Wright manages to accomplish this with his usual design flair and a hint of Art Deco influence. Read More...

Paraiba Tourmaline Ocean ring by Serena Fox
9 Jan. 2015

Beautifully Unusual Engagement Ring Stones

When L and I were first interviewing Serena Fox, she revealed to us her passion for alternative engagement ring stones. I had hardly ever seen a Paraiba tourmaline in real life (I’d only seen it on pictures), but when I experienced this design I knew that a new and undeniably attractive option had made its entrance into our bespoke engagement ring quest. Read More...

9 Jan. 2015

Nature Inspired Opal Engagement Rings

This incredible opal ring by Ornella Iannuzzi is inspired by the Blue Nile Falls in Ethiopia, the country Ornella travelled to in search of this particular stone. I very much appreciate jewellery designers who can get their inspiration from nature, and in the unbelievable colour of this Wello stone and the bubbling setting I can definitely see the influences of a waterfall. Can you? Read More...

9 Jan. 2015

McCaul Goldsmiths: Magicians of Opal Engagement Rings

F&L members David and Barry McCaul explore the magical beauty of the opal in this eye-catching, head-turning ring design. I love the way they chose a setting that keeps this soft and vulnerable stone that extra bit protected – it once again underlines their skill and experience as bespoke jewellery designers! Read More...

Opal Ring by Maria Thompson
9 Jan. 2015

Organic Beauty: Opal Engagement Rings by Maria Thompson

The opal is a very soft stone and consequently a challenging one to work with. Nevertheless, Maria Thompson has created a stunning jewellery piece with this organic design that, with the hues and shades of the stone and the wavy curves in the ring band, seems to represent a tropical sea. Read our review and let this ring inspire your own unique engagement ring design! Read More...

Designers who love alternative gemstones

Simon WrightLondon
James NewmanBirmingham
Sophie BreitmeyerLondon
Ruth TomlinsonLondon
ynigo geniza

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David and Barry McCaulLondon
Mia ChiccoLondon
Jon DibbenSurrey
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Maya SelwayLondon
Karlin AndersonLondon
Tina EngellBath
Serena FoxSurrey
Mirri DamerCornwall
Jana ReinhardtSussex
Mabel HasellLondon
Susan PeiresLondon
Beth GilmourLondon
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Andrew LeggettSussex
Nicola HurstPlymouth
David McLoughlinLondon
Ornella IannuzziLondon
Daniel GallieLondon
Keith GordonHertfordshire
Melanie EddyLondon
Robert FeatherYorkshire
Catherine MannheimLondon

F&L's Guide

I doubt that many would deny that the choice of stone to feature on your engagement ring is just about the most important one you will make. Think of it as that crucial corner piece you need to put together a fairly complicated puzzle. Then sit back and admire the vast array of engagement ring stones available to you.