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Why Go For Emeralds?

Feb. 11 2014
When it comes to picking a stone, emerald engagement rings have an outstanding number of merits.

I am a big fan of making lists, although L grumbles that it borders on obsessive. I prefer to think of my lists as a logical way to logically put my logical thoughts in a logical order. It’s the logical thing to do!

So, throughout the past few months of our intensive engagement ring education and enlightenment, there have been a lot of lists generated, as L predicted. One list I particularly enjoyed creating was all about the delights of the gorgeous emerald engagement ring. This was, without a doubt, quite an epic list!

30 Days of Lists, List No. 2: Projects I'm currently working on by Tim Regan, used under a Creative Commons License (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/legalcode)

Making lists: my way of creating order in our engagement ring quest

A Ring that Has it All

It could be said that emerald engagement rings have it all. The history, the significance, the symbolism and the reputation of exquisite beauty. They offer a more classic sort of beauty, exuding elegance and sophistication in an almost hypnotic way. Their long and distinguished history, which harks back nearly 5000 years, is littered with recognisable names that helped shape human history.

But the main selling point of emeralds is not their history or their celebrity associations – although these do help – but their mystique, charm, and graceful appearance. When worn on a finger or around one’s neck, an emerald gives a real impression of classic sophistication and has a dazzling, yet understated appeal that has resonated for centuries. These qualities are also what have made emerald engagement rings popular and timeless choices for expressing one’s love for your partner.

18 carat emerald rings by Jana Reinhardt

18 carat emerald rings by Jana Reinhardt

It seemed somewhat surprising to learn that, when weighed pound for pound, the value of emeralds surpasses those of diamonds. It is unclear how the misconception arose that diamonds are the most valuable stones, but the truth is emeralds out-value them most of the time, while continuing to be the more affordable option.

Modest but Self-Confident

I feel that if you were able to have a conversation with an emerald (a kooky concept, I know, but bear with me), it would quickly become apparent that they do not need the spotlight. They have an aura of calming confidence, obviously very secure with their own good looks. They do not need to compete with other gemstones, there would be no point because they know they are the best, but not in an arrogant way. This charismatic presence that an emerald engagement ring has is usually reflected in the personality of the wearer.

An emerald engagement ring is a bold choice and one that is rarely regretted.

These rings have numerous technical advantages of course, but to be honest choosing an engagement ring is more about what you love about the ring and how it makes you feel. These things don’t always need an explanation so go with your heart!

Designers who love to work with emeralds

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