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Emerald Engagement Rings with a Vintage Motif

Jul. 20 2015
Simon Wright encapsulates the vintage glamour with his new incredible emerald engagement ring.

As F knows (and frequently teases me about), I absolutely love anything vintage. That includes modern pieces with a vintage motif, such as this beautiful emerald engagement ring created by Simon Wright.

I frequently find myself speechless from looking at Simon’s designs, they are the sort of rings I always dreamed about when I was a little girl and he has managed to make them a reality. They have an unmistakeable traditional theme to them and when he incorporates this with vintage elements I can’t tear my eyes away!

This emerald engagement ring is incredibly beautiful and perfectly polished in every way.

July 20 - Simon Wright

The depth of the green gemstone is enough to get lost in and I only find myself resurfacing to reality when the glinting diamond accents catch my eye. The traditional claw setting and round cut, along with the choice of gemstone pleases my vintage inclinations entirely.

As usual Simon has opted for the use of platinum and I couldn’t imagine this shimmering creation with any other metal.

I’d be very curious to hear the story behind this bespoke design and am sure there is a very happy bride somewhere with this on her finger. Simon certainly has me leaning towards a vintage design for my engagement ring!

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