Caring For Your Emerald Engagement Ring

Feb. 11 2014
Like most other precious stones, emeralds need tender love and care. Find out how to care for your emerald engagement ring below.

However you choose to look at it, an emerald engagement ring is always an impressive statement of love. Even the dullest, lowest-quality gem of this type is sure to set its buyer back a considerable amount, and any bride or groom acquiring an emerald-topped bauble for their partner is sure to make an impression.

However, much like with other precious gems, emeralds will lose their lustre and shine if not cared for properly. Fortunately – also like with other gems, such as sapphires – caring for an emerald engagement ring is relatively straightforward, and nothing anyone with a modicum of sensibility should worry too much about.

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An emerald can be kept shiny and lustrous with little effort

Amount of Maintenance

Of course, the amount of tender love and care you need to bestow upon your bauble will largely depend on the quality of said bauble. An emerald engagement ring topped by a slightly less top-of-the-range stone is likely to be more fragile than one where the emerald was carefully picked according to a series of criteria to be of the highest possible quality.

Still, regardless of how good or average the gem may be, a few simple measures are universal, applying to every emerald in the market and being necessary for their maintenance and well-being.

The Emerald’s Allergies

Owners or potential buyers of emerald engagement rings should know, therefore, that this sort of stone is extremely sensitive to soap and grease. If these types of substances are allowed to reside atop the stone for prolonged periods, they will cause the gem to lose its shine and lustre. Owners of emerald rings should, therefore, avoid wearing their rings when doing the dishes, for example. Likewise, avoid wearing your emerald engagement ring when engaging in physical activity, as it can easily damage or crack the stone.

In terms of resistance, emeralds are no more frail than ‘cousins’ such as the ruby or the sapphire.

In fact, they are considerably more resistant than something like a pearl. Even still, there are certain materials owners of these types of rings should endeavour to keep them away from. As mentioned above, soap and grease with dull the stone’s lustre, and couples should also avoid running their engagement rings through ultrasonic or steam cleaners or dunking it in acetone.

The Correct Way of Cleaning

The correct way to wash one of these baubles is with warm water and a soft toothbrush, a process which should not be undertaken more than a few times a year.

When the stone does begin to lose its sheen, it is relatively easy to get it re-oiled at any jewellery store.

It is clear, then, that while by no means the most demanding of stones, emeralds still require a small amount of TLC to retain their full splendour over time.

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