The emerald engagement rings that F&L like best

20 Jul. 2015

Emerald Engagement Rings with a Vintage Motif

Coloured gemstones, particularly emerald engagement rings, have been coming back into style for a little while now. Simon Wright has brought his masterful craftsmanship to the table and produced this incredible design which oozes vintage class. Complemented perfectly by diamond shoulder accents, this design has a traditional elegance to it which beautifully sums up Simon’s talents as bespoke designer. Read More...

Far from your traditional emerald engagement rings, Susan Peires creates something very different.
17 Dec. 2014

Susan Peires’ Mythical Emerald Engagement Rings

This beautiful ring by Susan Peires is inspired by mythology and folklore, two concepts that clearly make their mark on the work of this designer. With its romantic heart cut centre stone, this ring could well be worn as an engagement ring, and one that clearly would make quite a statement. Read more about the story behind this opulent piece! Read More...

Explore traditional elegance with this emerald engagement ring by Keith Gordon
17 Dec. 2014

Beauty in Tradition: Emerald Engagement Rings

Admire the traditional elegance of this ring designed by bespoke jewellery designer Keith Gordon. To those seeking an engagement ring that is distinctive yet classical, we’d like to say that you can’t quite go wrong with an emerald! Top it off with a white diamond or two and the result will be magnificent in its beauty. Read More...

Jana Reinhardt’s emerald engagement ring encapsulates the beauty of bespoke.
17 Dec. 2014

An Emerald Ring With a Personal Touch

Jana Reinhardt’s emerald engagement ring encapsulates the beauty of bespoke with its simple elegance. The floral accents on either side of the setting complement the Asscher cut of the gemstone perfectly, bringing a feminine touch to the whole of the design. I can imagine this handmade ring being worn by a confident lady who is not afraid to stand out from the crowd. Read More...

16 Dec. 2014

Amanda Mansell’s Art Deco Emerald Engagement Ring

This emerald engagement ring by Amanda Mansell is inspired by Art Deco design and would be able to turn anyone’s head. The unusual shape of both the engagement ring band and the bright green princess-cut emerald are exemplary of the originality of Amanda Mansell’s work. Find out more about this designer and her love for emeralds! Read More...

Designers who love to work with emeralds

Simon WrightLondon
Christopher AndersonStamford
Mairi BurrowBelfast
Tina EngellBath
David and Barry McCaulLondon
Farah QureshiLondon
Mirri DamerCornwall
Maya SelwayLondon
Anton KataLondon
With an F&L designer, creating that perfect token of love is more inspiring.
Alexis DoveSussex
Julia Lloyd GeorgeLondon
Karlin AndersonLondon
Susan PeiresLondon
Ruth TomlinsonLondon
Amanda Li HopeLondon
Diana PorterBristol
Shivani PatelWorcester
Andrew EnglishLondon
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Esther EyreLondon
Joy and Chris PoupazisLondon
Stepan TerteryanLondon
Keith GordonHertfordshire
Aimee WinstoneBristol
Mabel HasellLondon
Fei LiuBirmingham
Catherine MannheimLondon
James NewmanBirmingham

F&L's Guide

Ah, the decadent, luxurious green hues of an emerald ring simply absorb you at first sight and don’t let go. L was sceptical about the reality of wearing such a bold and striking colour on an engagement ring. However, after seeing just a few of the exquisite emerald engagement rings our designers had created I could tell that she too was falling for the gem’s mystical and opulent appeal.