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The Contemporary Elegance of Diamond Engagement Rings

Jul. 5 2015
Andrew Leggett has created a stunning traditional diamond engagement ring for everyday wear.

L and I are both huge fans of Andrew Leggett’s work and this diamond engagement ring really spiked our curiosity. We can see elements of his usual design work in the rubbed over settings and intriguing textural play with the stones of the ring band, but other than that this design is very different from his usual work.

Featuring a traditional baguette cut diamond centre stone, this ring deviates from Andrew’s usual playfulness with asymmetric shapes in exchange for a beautiful symmetrical pattern.

The glittering accent diamonds are the perfect complement to the main stone with the contrasting number of facets in each gem.

July 5 - Andrew Leggett

The choice of the silver ring band really accentuates the high quality sparkle that the diamonds have and gives the design an overall cool and glamorous appearance.

Andrew usually opts for experimental gemstones over traditional ones, so it’s very refreshing to see his take on the classic diamond engagement ring.

L and I agreed that his ability to inject the tone of his style into a more mainstream design is the perfect illustration of his strength as a bespoke designer. We’re both very interested to know what the brief for this design was and what his client requested!

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