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The Bold Beauty of Tina Engell’s Cup Ring

Dec. 1 2015
Tina Engell’s striking solitaire diamond cup ring and brown diamond eternity ring make the perfect pair.

This is not the first time F and I have fallen in love with a Tina Engell designed ring – and something tells me it won’t be the last. Tina’s innate sense of contemporary design aesthetic and exceptional traditional craftsmanship come together to define a truly unique talent. Viewing her collections is like taking a step into an exquisite, life-sized treasure chest.

Tina Engell’s work is bold, individual and contemporary, yet imbued with the traditional values of the craft of jewellery making.

This striking cup ring and matching eternity band nestle together in a perfect union of form and function. It’s almost too much to resist the prospect of getting an eternity ring at the same time as your engagement ring, and F knows how much I hate to wait!

The starkness of the simple 22-carat gold band is offset by the bold bezel setting of the cup, enclosing a stunning white solitaire diamond. The deep, polished bezel setting frames the solitaire to create a dramatic centrepiece for the ring.

The Bold Beauty of Tina Engell's Cup Ring

The Bold Beauty of Tina Engell’s Cup Ring


The 22-carat gold eternity band is completely encircled with continuous, channel-set brown diamonds and fits snugly into the ring under the cup.

With a clean Scandinavian sense of design and a love of precious coloured gems, Tina’s unique style transcends genre.

I’m a big fan of Scandinavian design, and Tina’s pared back, minimalist settings and dramatic use of coloured gemstones as the hero reveal the influence of the early days of her apprenticeship in Denmark. Like her many loyal clients, I’m attracted to the elegant simplicity of her work along with the emphasis on quality craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Tina’s work is a rich trove of complex techniques and confident, contemporary design – perfectly embodying her mantra of “bold, modern, individual”.

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