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Something Old and Something New: Diamond Engagement Rings

May. 28 2015
Tina Engell has created a true homage to diamond engagement rings with this amazing design; it offers the perfect combination of class and innovativeness.

From looking at previous designs and learning about her training, I discovered that Tina Engell thrives when creating simplistic yet beautiful engagement rings. I love that this design offers something original and creative with its intriguing ball settings and cluster of sparkling diamonds, yet the rubbed-over cup setting gives way to Tina’s elegant and reserved preferences. The ring makes a statement whilst also being the epitome of feminine and simple.

I was really excited when looking at this design as it is the perfect example of Tina’s beautiful cup setting.
Ball ring, 18ct gold with brown diamonds by Tina Engell

Ball ring, 18ct gold with brown diamonds by Tina Engell

Tina believes that engagement ring designs should never upstage the gemstone within it and she has created the perfect balance between the two in this stunning creation. Her Danish training shines through with her honest and clean lines which give the brilliant diamonds the attention they deserve.

When Tina told us that her gemstones were actually brown diamonds I couldn’t believe my eyes!

After looking more closely I could see the beautiful earthy tones reflecting in the stone’s facets, this gemstone choice truly embodies everything Tina strives to create: elegant subtlety.

I really love the choice of shining gold for the ring band as I think it complements the warmth of the brown diamond hues while imitating the brilliance of the gemstones with its polished finish.

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