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Finding the (Grey) Diamond in the Rough

Sep. 10 2015
Chris and Joy Poupazis feature the unusual grey diamond in this contemporary gold ring.

Chris and Joy Poupazis’ eclectic style has always intrigued L and me. Their pieces range from aquatic-inspired pearl rings to necklaces in the shape of DNA double-helixes. They work with a huge variety of media, forms, textures, metals, colours, and gems and are often inspired by organic forms.

With Chris and Joy, we have learned to expect the unexpected.

The Poupazis are particularly good at tracking down unique and lesser-known kinds of stones, such as citrines and spinels. This ring stars a grey diamond, an extremely rare type of diamond, the popularity of which has risen in recent years. Grey diamonds can range in darkness and tint – from blue-grey to yellow-grey – and are generally priced much more attractively that classic white diamonds.

The dark grey diamond visually pops next to the two smaller white diamonds that flank it, making its unusual colour all the more distinguishable.

All three diamonds are sitting in gold four-prong settings, with the flanking diamonds raised slightly so that they meet the central stone.

Grey White

Grey diamonds: because things are never black and white.

The band of the ring is also a twist on the traditional. The gold band widens and thickens as it approaches the setting, giving the ring a little lift that will make it more prominent on the wearer’s finger. A smaller, thinner gold band is set, slightly raised, into the main band, giving the ring as a whole an eye-catching texture characteristic of Chris and Joy’s work.

L and I have been consistently surprised and delighted by Chris and Joy’s work. Drawing from the natural world, folklore, magic and myth, the Poupazis have developed a style that is distinct, elegant, and truly one-of-a-kind.

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