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Elegance with a Twist | Diamond Engagement Rings

Jul. 15 2015
Karlin Anderson creates a stunning diamond engagement ring using shapes that contrast and complements one another.

Karlin Anderson has the amazing ability to capture romanticism within jewellery; I’ve seen L gaze at Karlin’s designs wistfully on more than one occasion! This makes her work simply perfect for weddings and this diamond engagement ring is certainly a testament to that.

I definitely get a feeling of different motifs when I look at this design. I can see the nature-inspired elements because the two diamond accents remind me of a bird’s wings. However I can also see Karlin’s inclination to romanticism as the beading detail echoes a romantic-era style of jewellery. All in all, the entirety is hugely pleasing and satisfying to the eye.

The pattern is symmetrical and yet there is something entirely unusual and unique about the combination of shapes.

July 15 - Karlin Anderson

With the intriguing shape of the accompanying gemstones I love that Karlin has kept her centre stone simple and elegant. The round cut emphasises the brilliance that diamond engagement rings cannot be beaten for and shimmers with the promise of elegant romanticism.

And yet, the pear shaped diamonds that have been turned on their sides bring back the Karlin-style edginess that I love about her work.

Not one to leave any stone unturned on a design, Karlin has completed the ring with a swirling silver setting which emphasises her metalwork talents. The finished design is one of ornate, intriguing and original elements – it’s absolutely beautiful!

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