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Andrew Leggett Gives Old Gems New Life

Feb. 22 2016
Andrew Leggett brings diamonds from unwanted jewellery to life in this stunning ring. Accent diamonds and his signature ‘flick’ give this piece the wow factor.

I always thought L was more impressed by rings that showed off an element of the vintage and had a sense of antiquity about their design, but her reaction when we came across this ‘old cuts’ ring from Andrew Leggett, one of the designers that has my unending admiration, was unexpected.

Andrew’s signature pieces are all designed with clean lines, bold shapes and an aesthetic grace.

Combining hints of quirkiness with a contemporary style, his passion for creating pieces that are right up to date and perfectly suited to the modern lifestyle is evident throughout his collections.


Old Cuts Ring by Andrew Leggett

This platinum ring is a statement piece, and I know that the reason why L loves it so much is that, despite its ultra modern design, it has a history – and, according to L, history and jewellery are synonymous with romance. It was custom made for a client from half a dozen old rings that were never worn. To bring the unwanted pieces back to life, Andrew Leggett designed this fabulous creation, using the diamonds from the old rings. The largest diamond weighs 2.7 carats and looks simply stunning as the centrepiece.

Setting the diamonds in platinum shows their beauty off perfectly, but this exquisite metal also suits the confident curves and bold flicks that give the ring its eye-catching shape. L says she loves the way the accent diamonds are all different, with each one worthy of receiving its own attention.

I appreciate the skill and the natural self-assurance Andrew works with, and I admire the way he has placed the main diamond underneath the others, knowing that this is a gemstone that will speak for itself and doesn’t necessarily need to take centre stage. He is right. The design is balanced and creates a vision of harmony between each and every one of its elements.

If you have ever thought of recycling old jewellery, then this ring is the perfect inspiration.

For any couple wanting a bespoke creation of their own, Andrew Leggett is a designer to look out for.

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