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A Stunning Diamond Ring with a Tactile Motif

Mar. 25 2015
Karlin Anderson explores intriguing textures with her beautiful diamond-layered white gold ring. The symmetrical pattern is certainly a treat for the eyes.

I love meeting with Karlin Anderson to discuss her incredible work; I can feel her passion in the waves of friendly warmth that emanate from her! I found this design to be quite an unusual change for Karlin as her work usually focuses on earthy colours and matte finishes, but she has experimented with the total opposite in this beautiful diamond ring.

The symmetrically placed diamond shapes create a pattern which is the epitome of eye-catching.

Diamond Ring by Karlin Anderson

F loves it when designers experiment with texture and shape so this ring certainly ticked all of the right boxes for him. The round and emerald cut diamonds fit together in a way which contrasts brilliantly. The pairing of vintage and modern cuts gives the ring a romantic feel whilst paying homage to the beauty of the sparkling gemstone.

Karlin’s use of shiny white gold metal complements the dazzling diamonds perfectly.

Having the stones embedded into the ring band means the pattern is gorgeous but not overpowering for the rest of a design. I know that Karlin’s bespoke work is heavily reliant on inspiration from the client in order to make their design unique and personal to them, so I’m very curious about what inspired this particular design! It certainly has an alluring tactile element that makes me want to run my fingers all over the shimmering gemstones.

As I look at Karlin’s portfolio I can see that her craftsmanship truly knows no bounds and this diamond ring is certainly a testament to that.

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