22 Feb. 2016

Karlin Anderson’s Sapphire and Diamond Ring Emanates Romance

How do you take a classic, assured design and turn it into something feminine and unique? Well, Karlin Anderson took the challenge and succeeded with flying colours! If you're into the sapphire-and-diamonds combination, but seek a design with a twist - you may want to contact this F&L Favourite Designer. Read More...

22 Feb. 2016

Andrew Leggett Gives Old Gems New Life

This platinum ring is a statement piece, and I know that the reason why L loves it so much is that, despite its ultra modern design, it has a history – and, according to L, history and jewellery are synonymous with romance. The outstanding piece was custom made for a client from half a dozen old rings that were never worn. To bring the unwanted pieces back to life, Andrew Leggett designed this fabulous creation, using the diamonds from the old rings. Read More...

1 Dec. 2015

The Bold Beauty of Tina Engell’s Cup Ring

Why go for one special, meaningful piece of jewellery... when you can have two? The synergy that this ring set by jewellery designer Tina Engell creates is striking, and it pairs up both the undeniable symbolism of an eternity ring and the romanticism of an engagement ring. Read More...

1 Dec. 2015

Simon Wright’s Exquisite Yellow Beryl and Diamond Ring

What could be better than having a huge, eye-catching and extraordinary gemstone on your finger? Well... what about having that extraordinary gemstone on your finger set in a manner that magnifies it even further? Simon Wright manages to accomplish this with his usual design flair and a hint of Art Deco influence. Read More...

10 Sep. 2015

Finding the (Grey) Diamond in the Rough

Chris and Joy Poupazis have once again surprised L and me with their unexpected designs. In this engagement ring, the cool glimmer of a rare dark grey diamond contrasts stunningly with warm gold and white diamonds. Read More...

20 Jul. 2015

Emerald Engagement Rings with a Vintage Motif

Coloured gemstones, particularly emerald engagement rings, have been coming back into style for a little while now. Simon Wright has brought his masterful craftsmanship to the table and produced this incredible design which oozes vintage class. Complemented perfectly by diamond shoulder accents, this design has a traditional elegance to it which beautifully sums up Simon’s talents as bespoke designer. Read More...

15 Jul. 2015

Elegance with a Twist | Diamond Engagement Rings

It’s easy to spot a Karlin Anderson design once you know what to look for: nature-inspired motifs, romantic themes and beautiful gemstones. Karlin demonstrates her versatility as designer with this stunning diamond engagement ring as she returns back to this gemstone and makes it her own. Her dazzling use of shapes both contrast and complement one another, making the design a true feast for the eyes. Read More...

Karlin AndersonLondon
Susan PeiresLondon
Andrew EnglishLondon
Maya SelwayLondon
Jon DibbenSurrey
Mabel HasellLondon
Esther EyreLondon
Serena FoxSurrey
Ruth TomlinsonLondon
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Deborah CadbyLondon
Anton KataLondon
Andrew LeggettSussex
Diana PorterBristol
Aimee WinstoneBristol
Ornella IannuzziLondon
Farah QureshiLondon
James NewmanBirmingham
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Mairi BurrowBelfast
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Beth GilmourLondon
Tina EngellBath
Julia Lloyd GeorgeLondon
Alexis DoveSussex
David McLoughlinLondon
Jo BellLondon
Stepan TerteryanLondon

F&L's Guide

I doubt that many would deny that the choice of stone to feature on your engagement ring is just about the most important one you will make. Think of it as that crucial corner piece you need to put together a fairly complicated puzzle. Then sit back and admire the vast array of engagement ring stones available to you.