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Unusual Types of Engagement Ring Setting

Feb. 19 2014
Couples looking for something unique should consider a more unusual engagement ring setting. There are plenty to choose from.

Unusual, different, beautiful and individual are words I would want to be able to use to describe the engagement ring we decide on. From the classic to the contemporary, I have seen so many engagement ring settings that I love and equally as many that I don’t love.

On one of my breaks from work last week I called Kay for a chat and to run some of my ideas about unusual engagement ring settings by her. The truth is that the amount of choice sometimes daunts me, and despite the lists and the scientific approach I have to do my research with, I sometimes feel slightly overwhelmed.

Creating a One-Off Piece

Our mission so far is definitive in the fact that engagement ring setting options and designs are much more flexible than they might at first appear to be.

While some couples can choose from the standard options such as a typical diamond in a prong or a channel engagement ring setting, I know that F and I are both thinking along the same lines about a more bespoke designed ring that will tell the world who we are and what our relationship means to us. It is not only that I want to be different; it is more to do with the appeal of having a one-off piece of jewellery that I will always treasure.

I could hear Kay sipping on her coffee at the other end of the phone and before I could continue with my unconstructive rabble, she stopped me and told me to get a pen and paper. I obliged and got ready to focus, as I knew she would have some great words of wisdom for me.

The Gypsy and the Bright-Cut Setting

Kay began by asking me to look at some of the less common styles of engagement ring settings, such as the ones that have the stone embedded into the band rather than elevated above it, as a traditional engagement ring design might have. I recognised the ring setting she was referring to as the Gypsy setting (also known as the Flush setting), which leaves only the very top of the gemstone visible.

Yellow gold brilliant cut diamond by James Newman

Yellow gold brilliant cut diamond by James Newman

I had forgotten how much I liked the look of this setting and was glad she reminded me. I wrote it down so I would remember to do some more researching around this gorgeous setting. The same stylistic effect is also achieved by the Bright-cut setting, which makes the gemstone’s surface highly reflective.

The Tension, Bar, Bridge and Scalloped Setting

Other unusual types of engagement ring settings only differ from the standard styles in the way they secure the stone. The most widely known setting is probably the Tension setting, which uses physics to make the stone appear as though it is floating.

0.10ct Diamond Single Stone by David McLoughlin

0.10ct Diamond Single Stone by David McLoughlin

Other unusual techniques of securing the gem include the Bar setting, which leaves the sides of the gem open, but secures it with parallel bars along the length of the ring, the Bridge accent, which adds an extra element under the stone, only visible from the through-finger perspective, and the Scalloped setting, where the prongs are created from the shank. I was enthused in my search again and I made copious notes while Kay chattered on about the engagement ring settings she knows and loves.

The Trellis and the Illusion Setting

Not all unusual types of engagement ring settings seek to do something original with the way the stone is presented. Some, like the stunning Trellis setting or the Illusion setting, are designed to do nothing more than make a stone look big, sparkling and luxurious.

Kay always knows how to help me put things in perspective. She has faith in my decision making even if sometimes I don’t. I felt relieved after our phone call, as I knew now where I wanted my next phase of research to go: unusual engagement rings settings and all of the wonderful options F and I might want to consider.


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