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The Solitaire Engagement Ring Setting Style

Feb. 19 2014
The Solitaire Engagement Ring Setting has a timeless elegance that appeals to modern brides. The solitaire is a great place to start searching for the perfect ring.

Snatching a coffee break at the office gave me a chance to dip into one of my favourite topics of reverie. I do feel very comfortable in my work environment and, as I sipped my coffee, I started to think back to when I first knew I wanted to marry L and how we tentatively began our search for the perfect engagement ring.

Finding that token of eternal love is not easy, but it certainly seems like we are closer now than we were right at the start, when we nervously gazed into jewellers shop windows, listened to friends’ advice and felt a little overwhelmed with the amount of choice we had.

The idea of making the wrong choice terrified me, as did the vast amount of designs, styles and gems, and this is what prompted us to take our time and do our research.

The Solitaire Ring: A Brilliant Centrepiece

I remember starting to look at one of the most popular classics, the solitaire engagement ring. A diamond solitaire engagement ring is made to draw attention towards a single, brilliantly shining stone. The first time I actually took notice of a solitaire engagement ring I realised that this ring was perfect for a sophisticated lady who oozed understated elegance.

Green sapphire by Jo Bell

Green sapphire by Jo Bell

No matter what the size of the diamond or the type of metal used in a solitaire engagement ring is, there is no denying its stunning simplicity and district beauty.

The first designer I talked to was really helpful, explaining to me that, when looking to purchase a diamond solitaire engagement ring, it is important to keep in mind that they vary greatly in price. This is because there is no limit to the size of the diamond you can choose or the setting metal.

He suggested research online as a great way to familiarise myself with what’s available in our price range. The great thing about buying a solitaire diamond engagement ring is that there is much more flexibility with the design of the setting, and the scope for a unique and perfectly individual ring is endless.

Tradition Captured in a Ring

Many brides cherish the tradition of weddings, and want that to be captured in this piece of jewellery. The Round Brilliant cut is the diamond shape favoured for the solitaire engagement ring, but there are definitely opportunities to showcase ‘fancy’ shaped diamonds like the marquise cut or oval. These ‘fancy shapes’ are becoming increasingly popular as more and more celebrities are being proposed to with elegant solitaire engagement rings.

Solitaire brilliant cut diamond halo by James Newman

Solitaire brilliant cut diamond halo by James Newman

I did wonder if the solitaire engagement ring was a little too run-of-the-mill for us, but all the research I did in those early days gave me the confidence to begin to make choices.

A solitaire engagement ring is exceptionally versatile, but will always exude exquisite simple sophistication.

The style of setting showcases coloured stones exceptionally well, opening up even more options. I pictured sapphires, emeralds and rubies in the solitaire setting and imagined that they would look incredible and definitely provide that ‘wow’ factor.

Our quest began with the classic solitaire engagement ring, which could be considered the foundation of all other setting styles and designs, but the quest continues to take many different paths. While I think that a solitaire engagement ring would symbolise the uncomplicated purity of love, I believe that L and I may opt for something a little less traditional.

Designers who love to experiment with settings

Beth GilmourLondon
David McLoughlinLondon
Mirri DamerCornwall
Esther EyreLondon
Julia Lloyd GeorgeLondon