The Cluster Engagement Ring Setting

Feb. 19 2014
For a luxurious and visually unique engagement ring setting the cluster setting is a great option. Made of lots of diamonds, it gives the appearance of one.

Writer’s block is not something I was ever familiar with until we began this engagement ring search. In fact, I still don’t think I get writer’s block, I just believe that there is not enough room in my head for thinking about engagement rings and concentrating on material for work.

I had to make a conscious effort yesterday to work for two hours and then take half an hour off for engagement ring research, work for two hours and then take a break again. I needed to take stock of all of this business in my head and it seemed to work.

The Cluster Setting: Luxurious and Outstanding

Yesterday I decided to focus on cluster engagement rings. I had heard of this type of setting but never really looked into it as a possibility for F and me. I wanted to get more of an idea about what the cluster engagement ring was all about, so my first port of call was an email to one of our designers who I knew would enlighten me.

My reply came quick and the designer in question was very excited that I had asked him about the cluster engagement ring. He thought it would be perfect for me, with its luxurious and strong visual impact and its unusual elegance that set it apart from the others.

Red gold palladium cluster grey diamond by James Newman

Red gold palladium cluster grey diamond by James Newman

The Power of Many

As the name indicates, the cluster engagement ring setting is a gathering of a number of small diamonds into a cluster, creating the visual look of a larger diamond. The cluster is usually set on a prong, but unlike a traditional prong setting, the diamonds on a cluster engagement ring setting do not have to be round and often look great in other shapes, such as the oval or pear.

His email went on to explain that a signature element of a cluster engagement ring setting is that it uses less metal, which gives maximum ‘fire’ power to each individual stone and helps to create the illusion of a single solitaire diamond.

The use of a slightly larger stone in the centre, to enhance this effect, is another popular attribute of this type of setting.

I had no idea that creating an engagement ring was so scientific.

The more I am learning, the more these rings really do appeal to my scientific mind.

As I read on, I came across a section in the reply that I thought F would appreciate. The main advantages of a cluster engagement ring setting, when compared to others, are quite apparent.

The type of configuration allows for more versatility and flexibility because the smaller diamonds allow for a number of different shapes, designs and patterns to be formed. This made sense, as the idea of one large stone has proved restrictive when we have talked about adding intricate, finer details to a ring.

Cluster ring by Nicola Hurst

Cluster ring by Nicola Hurst

A Financial Advantage

There is no doubt that the cluster engagement ring setting is one of the most elegant and eye catching of all of the settings but interestingly, it is also less expensive than the single diamond engagement ring. One large stone tends to cost more than multiple little ones, making this option great for couples on a budget.

So a constructive half hour not trying to battle work and my engagement ring research seemed to work. I felt productive and organised and consequently I managed to write some of my best material for work than I had done in a long time.

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