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Amanda’s Innovative Engagement Ring Settings

Dec. 2 2014
Being a firm celebrator of precious metals, Amanda Li Hope channels innovation into every engagement ring setting she creates.

As I examined Amanda Li Hope’s portfolio I was bewitched by her craftsmanship. Looking at the innovative architectural quality of her jewellery was like seeing the inner workings of her mind. We spoke passionately about the use of geometric patterns and playful experimentation with fundamental shapes and I could see that Amanda really cherishes and pores over every element of her designs.

Tsavorite diamond yellow and white gold engagement ring by Amanda Li Hope

Tsavorite diamond yellow and white gold engagement ring by Amanda Li Hope

Amanda told me about her fascination with particular gems and I could already see this through the way she had carefully created her design around a deep green tsavorite and two brilliant diamonds. The deep yellow gold that she used complements the gems perfectly, and the architecture of her engagement ring setting gives the design a delicious Art Deco hint.

Amanda prides herself on adapting traditional engagement ring settings to the point that they are completely unique and true to her style. L commented that her use of form is definitely recognisable which Amanda was very pleased with as she has worked so hard to hone her skills and develop her own individual style.

Amanda is also dedicated to using Fairtrade gold and was one of the first designers in the world to be certified in using it. I knew that if I commissioned her to create me something she would be able to focus that dedication on making something amazing. With jewellery that is economically, architecturally and beautifully designed you really can’t ask for more in a bespoke designer.

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