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Engagement Ring Settings Inspired by Nature

Dec. 2 2014
Alexis Dove shows us her beautiful nature-inspired bubble engagement ring. Settings like this aren’t seen very often!

F and I are always keen to hear about where our designers draw their inspiration from. Alexis Dove has such an interesting background that we knew she’d have a unique portfolio to match. With a background in farming and agriculture, Alexis spoke to us about her passion for all things nature related and how her travelling across the world has opened her eyes to the many different styles she can bring to her work. This is very much reflected in her choices of engagement ring settings, in which she favours feminine shapes and softness.

Alexis - bubble ring

I love Alexis’ combination of nature and femininity. I could see these sources of inspiration straight away when examining her beautiful bubble ring. The brilliant diamonds perfectly capture the illusion of bubbles and all their perfect complexity. I really admire how Alexis has been able to take her design from something as fragile and fleeting as bubbles and successfully create something timeless and durable. The idea of being able to wear an interpretation of Mother Nature on my finger was both humbling and exciting.

Alexis has created something bold and original, but has been able to keep a feminine touch with round and polished shapes. It made me realise how important engagement ring settings are to the overall image of a design and I knew this was something I’d be keeping a closer eye on in the future. I’m sure that the bride wearing Alexis’ beautiful ring feels very feminine and happy!

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