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Delicate Engagement Ring Settings for Pearls

Dec. 2 2014
This engagement ring setting by Amanda Mansell is as elegant as the pearl it holds.

Amanda Mansell is a designer with many strings to her bow. She is passionate about simple and minimalist design, especially when it is a product of British craftsmanship. However as a designer she is so flexible and open to ideas that her portfolio of work contains many different styles.

Engagement Ring by Amanda Mansell

Engagement Ring by Amanda Mansell

When browsing through her other creations I saw elaborate cocktail jewellery and diamond encrusted engagement ring settings, and in contrast to that I saw designs with incredible geometric patterns which had no gems at all.

No matter which style she takes on, she is always completely devoted to making it the best quality it can be and meeting her client’s expectations.

I am always impressed by designers who are brave enough to use pearls. L has a deep love for pearls and always gets massively excited when she sees a design that incorporates them. Knowing of Amanda’s fascination with diamonds and architectural structures, I was surprised to see her working with pearls but it just reminded me of her brilliant creative adaptability.

Amanda explained to us that her client had come to her with the pearl and asked her to create a bespoke design around it. The pearl itself had a strong ridge running around it, which is what gave her the inspiration for this beautiful engagement ring setting. Entwined in diamonds, the pearl is proudly raised high for all to see its elegant beauty. L and I really love the delicate simplicity of this design and want to see more of Amanda’s work very soon.

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