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Romantic and Sneaky Proposal Ideas

Feb. 24 2014
There are many proposal ideas that can be completely personalised. Here are a few suggestions.

Saturday night just gone, F was cooking one of his delicious one-pot wonders and I was enjoying my first prosecco of the weekend when we began chatting about the different views of men and women on the perfect proposal.

I know F was fishing for ideas from me but I also felt for him, as I knew this was going to be a big thing when he actually organised it.

F expressed his concern about the amount women gossip about their proposals and how it was disconcerting to him. The fact you know it’s going to be a much talked about event means you have to get it right. With so many proposal ideas to think of, including the message, the ring, the timing, and the location, he admitted that he was sometimes daunted.

I can be sarcastic and am very good at joking with F, but I could sense the underlying seriousness of his concerns, so instead I decided to open up a discussion and let him bottom out a few ideas.

Sweet Dreams

He began by talking about intimate home proposal ideas and how he might orchestrate one. He said he would find it really romantic to wait for me to fall asleep before gently slipping the ring onto my finger.

"Sweet dreams" by Salva Graziano , used under a Creative Commons License (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/legalcode)

Proposal idea: gently slipping the ring onto your lover’s finger while she’s asleep

While this sounded like a very sweet idea, I gently reminded him that I would prefer to be present in the engagement ring giving. I want to be able to remember the moment when he actually asks me, and not just have it happen when I am asleep. Mental note taken, I hope.

Romance Epitomised

How about tying a long, pre-prepared ribbon to the door handle of a room that your girlfriend is in, for example the shower or kitchen, and lead it around the house. The ribbon should have little notes attached to it with memorable moments of your relationship, the reasons why you love her and should have you on the other side of the house at the end of the ribbon.

This was cute; I had to admit, although I wasn’t sure if I could see F going for this one.

Proposal Ideas for the Bookworm

I liked his suggestion of slipping a love note into the pages of the book your girlfriend was currently reading, with the proposal at the end. But then what if you were not on hand when she read it or couldn’t predict the time when she would turn the page to find it? Too risky perhaps, unless you had this one properly planned.

Bookworm by Matt E , used under a Creative Commons License (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/legalcode)

Proposal idea for the bookworm girlfriend: slipping a ‘marry me’ note between the pages of her book

Gadget Crazy Ladies

For the gadget-loving lady, F’s idea was really novel. He suggested that the groom use his girlfriend’s digital camera to take separate pictures of himself carrying four signs depicting the words will, you, marry and me?

Make sure to take the pictures with the message in reverse order and tell her you borrowed her camera before asking her to upload the pictures for you. Another of the many proposal ideas for the techno loving couple would be to create a personal podcast or video and sneak it onto her IPod, laptop, tablet or pc.

How to Propose to the Active Lady in your Life

Why not send her on a treasure hunt? This one takes some organising but can be great fun. Place clues starting from home and maybe some presents at her favourite spots around town, with the last port of call being you waiting on one knee.

All these proposal ideas sound really exciting and are bound to suit different couples. Each one can be personalised, too. I think it helped F to talk a few through and get my reactions and opinion on some of them. I know he will be processing all I said and that will help him make his final decision on how to propose.

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