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Proposing Don’ts

Feb. 20 2014
With so many proposal ideas out there it is important to remember a few things to steer well clear of. Read on to find out how to avoid those faux pas.

I bounced out of bed today, all set to make my mental list of proposal do not’s and as I grabbed Lemon Tree’s lead and jogged out of the door, I realised that I was getting to the bottom of how to propose to L. My list of don’ts is quite simple, so I categorised them easily in my head.

When Considering How To Propose …

Don’t make it public. Contrary to what is portrayed on TV and in films, public proposal ideas are not for everybody. An intimate setting where it’s just the two of you together is more likely to make the occasion more romantic and enchanting.

Don’t propose at a sports game, even if she’s the biggest sports fan in the world. This ties in with the last one, but when proposing in front of large crowds you make her the centre of attention and that might be uncomfortable. You’ll get what you deserve when she refuses and embarrass yourself in front of all those people.

Proposal At the PBR by Doug Wertman, used under a Creative Commons License (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/legalcode)

Don’t propose in front of large crowds

Don’t put the engagement ring in her food. Another contrived, unimaginative and downright dangerous Hollywood idea. Even if she does manage to spot it before swallowing, you have just stuck a special piece of jewellery that is probably expensive too, into some kind of food. It’s not going to look so brilliant and sparkly covered in cream, is it? Worse still, it could mean a broken tooth or a very bad stomach ache.

Don’t overdo the Dutch courage. A pre-proposal tipple will calm the nerves and maybe loosen the tongue, but a slurred delivery is not going to impress and may give her the wrong impression. Do yourself a favour and leave the drinks for after she says yes.

Don’t make it too complicated. Creative and original proposal ideas are great, there’s no harm in thinking big, but make sure you don’t overstretch yourself and detailed plans start unravelling before your eyes.

Don’t be upset if she doesn’t say yes straight away. You took a long time to decide to propose. She might have to think about it for a while too.

Although I have considered all the dos and don’ts, I know that most of them are obvious to me. I imagine taking L to watch SA play rugby and asking her to marry me over the loud speaker. I just know that she would never forgive me.

I believe that I shouldn’t think too much about it. I know L and what she loves and so how to propose will come naturally to me, eventually, I am sure.

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