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Proposal Ideas: Make It Memorable!

Feb. 20 2014
With so many proposal ideas out there, the possibilities are endless. Think hard before you decide and you are bound to make the moment magic.

Bridget loves a gossip and always has a giggle up her sleeve, and the other day when she came round for coffee she was animated and excited. As I made coffee and brought out the biscuits, she asked me if I had ever considered how F would propose.

At this point, F popped his head in to tell us he was going out with Lemon Tree and Bridget asked him if he had come up with any proposal ideas yet? He smiled and left before he got brought into this conversation and I was left with Bridget and her admittedly interesting suggestions of how to propose.

Coming Up With Ideas for Proposals

Coming up with proposal ideas is hard. Ideas often take time and effort and many men agonise about it for months. Sometimes they opt for borrowing other people’s ideas and pass it off as their own, while others wondering how to propose may just type ‘How should I propose?‘ into their search box and let Mr Google do the rest. But that only takes you so far.

Bridget had some brilliant, affordable, DIY ideas for the man who is just simply stuck for proposal ideas and as she went through them, we considered each one carefully and tried not to laugh too much.

Marry me... by Brett L., used under a Creative Commons License (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/legalcode)

One of the most memorable proposals, I suppose


Write ‘Marry me’ on her toast in the morning, using a squeezy bottle of honey or jam. Make sure she reads it and gets what you’re trying to do before she eats it though. Quite quirky and actually one of the most novel proposal ideas.


Spell out ‘Will you marry me?’ in that retro alphabet spaghetti if you’ve got any lying about. Again, make sure she doesn’t just wolf it down before she realises what it says. And as a nice touch, gently coax her into answering you with any available letters. We laugh as we think of the possible messages that could be written in response.


Pay or just ask the guy who mows the lawn at your local sports stadium to spell out ‘Marry me’ followed by her name. Surely though, for this one you would need a helicopter handy to take full advantage of the view.


Using only the films of Tom Hanks or her favourite actor, cut and edit all the dialogue to create your very own personal marriage proposal delivered by the man himself. Bridget cringes when she reads this one out, although I imagine doing the same thing with an old 1950s black and white film and actually think it would be a really romantic way to propose.


Breathe on the bathroom mirror until there is enough condensation to write in and display your message ready for when she comes in to brush her teeth.


Get the boys together, strap planks to their feet and get them to stamp around a cornfield to spell out “Will you marry me?” Not only will the bride-to-be be thrilled, but you might also make the local news with your twist on the infamous crop circles.

These are just a few proposal ideas and the tip of the ideas iceberg when it comes to how to propose. It did get me thinking about how F would finally do it though, and I smiled inside because I can’t wait for the day.

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