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Cliché or Tradition?

Feb. 20 2014
When planning on how to propose it is best to find that fine line between cliché and tradition. But where do you start with deciding how to do it?

I lay awake last night, going through the millions of scenarios I had conjured up for how I would eventually propose to L.

I know we are going to get married, as we have been very modern and upbeat with discussing that, but I still want a moment that we will both remember forever when she agrees and takes the precious ring that we have both put our hearts and souls into finding.

Do I go traditional or completely different? How do I avoid clichés but still retain that romantic edge? There are lots of considerations and I am sure I will lose more than one night’s sleep over how to propose.

Ideas Please!

How to propose has got to be one of the most difficult things to plan, especially as it will be a time that is talked of over and over again. The way in which you pop the question will stay with you both, so get it wrong and you will never hear the end of it. Get it right, however, and you will forever have the respect and admiration of your future wife’s family and friends and you will also, not doubt, feel a little pleased with yourself too.

"Will you marry me?" by Carlton Browne, used under a Creative Commons License (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/legalcode)

This husband-to-be sure came up with an original idea

With YouTube clips circling the web displaying new, inventive and romantic proposal ideas, the traditional candle lit dinner out, flowers and moonlit strolls along the seafront have seemed to fall out of favour.

The tried and tested hiding-the-ring-in-food-method has become tired and won’t earn you any points for originality or creativity, and at worse could end up in an unfortunate accident. I thought about L devouring that cherry cream chocolate that she loves in one bite instead of gently biting into it to find that ring I had placed in there. There could be broken teeth and all sorts!

Definite Don’ts?

I think that avoiding a public spectacle is definitely a good idea, and certainly do not propose in front of her friends and family. Apart from the potential embarrassment, it will mean more to her to have you one-on-one, which takes the pressure off too.

While there are some clichés that should be avoided, there is a fine line between the traditions some girls really go for.

I am definitely going to ask L’s father for her hand in marriage, for example, and I think that L will really appreciate that gesture, despite her modern ideas about equality in marriage. No matter how independent your girl might act, her dad will always be the most important man in her life after you, and this should be respected.

Getting down on one knee is still quite a charming act and although you are not on a film set, there is something very romantic about this. It also conveys a sense of seriousness about the occasion.

A Special Moment Whatever

So, when planning how to propose, it is a good idea to remember that not all tradition is cliché. I have realised that while there are certain dos and don’ts and some great ideas out there, when I propose, it will all come naturally. The moment will present itself and I am sure that we will be so enwrapped in each other that the moment will be special however it plays out.

I managed to relax in the knowledge that I will work out how to propose one way or another and turned over for a least a few hours sleep.

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