Inspirations on how to propose

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24 Feb. 2014

Romantic and Sneaky Proposal Ideas

The other night while preparing dinner, F let me in on some of the proposal ideas that had crossed his mind lately. From slipping the ring on my finger while I am asleep to hiding a love note in one of my books; these proposal ideas can be fully personalised. I don't think he'll go for one of them now as he would have ruined the surprise, so I'd advise you to use them to your advantage! Read More...

20 Feb. 2014

Timeless Proposal Ideas

There's nothing wrong with a little traditional romance if you'd ask me. Some of the classic, "cliché" if you will, proposal traditions are still invaluable today. Here's some of my favourite "proposal essentials", use them wisely! Read More...

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20 Feb. 2014

Putting the ‘Pro’ in Propose

When it comes to figuring out how to propose to your beloved, there are some practical things to take into consideration such as timing, location and of course: the 'how'... Read the thoughts that my friend Kay and I put down on paper to help all those guys (and girls!) out there with that difficult task of finding the perfect proposal idea! Read More...

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20 Feb. 2014

Proposing Dos

Are you getting lost in all the don'ts that people come up with when you address the topic of proposing? Are you confused by all the different preferences and opinions? Why not do yourself a favour and start with the definite dos! It sure helped me clear my mind a bit. Read More...

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20 Feb. 2014

Proposing Don’ts

Some ways of proposing might seem like nice ideas, but in practice they end up in disaster 90% of the time... Like putting the ring in messy food. Or proposing in front of a huge crowd at a sports game. Save yourself the embarrassment of a choking girlfriend or a public rejection and look through our (almost) definite proposing don'ts. Read More...

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20 Feb. 2014

Proposal Ideas: Make It Memorable!

No doubt that each married woman treasures the memory of her hubby (or wife) getting down on one knee forever, but what she doesn't know is that her partner probably had had countless sleepless nights deciding how to make the proposal moment memorable... If you're about to propose and are looking for some inspiration, Bridget and I have some ideas. Read More...

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20 Feb. 2014

Engineer Creates LED Engagement Ring

What could be better proof of your love than to make your significant other a hand crafted engagement ring, guaranteed to be the only one of its kind in the entire world? That might have been what engineer Ben Kokes’ thought when he decided to design his girlfriend a unique, LED-powered engagement ring that lights up whenever he is near. Read More...

20 Feb. 2014

Cliché or Tradition?

Where do you draw the line between cliché and tradition? Where does romantic end and cheesy begin? These are just some of the troubles lovebirds find themselves confronted with when deciding on how to propose. Well, if you are desperate for that perfect proposal idea... Join the group. Read More...

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F&L's Guide

With all this talk about engagement rings you may have forgotten a small but crucial detail. How to propose! Apparently this particular mission can strike fear in the hearts of the bravest men. I cannot imagine why, it’s not like your future happiness hinges upon your performance and consequent audience response. Ok, so maybe it does, but fear not! There is hope, and it is a lot simpler than you think.