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What Your Cut says about You

Feb. 17 2014
Engagement ring cuts and shapes have a direct impact on the ring’s overall appearance. It can also reflect the personality of the bride-to-be.

Last Sunday, over breakfast, L and I decided that we spent too many weekends working and doing the housework and not enough time out and about enjoying quality time together, so we bundled Lemon Tree into the car and went for a drive in the country.

There is nothing quite like fresh air and gorgeous scenery to blow the cobwebs away, and I could see L relaxing more and more the further we went. Inevitably we ended up chatting about our ring research and what we had unearthed over the last few days. We both knew that this mission was far from over but we were both loving the challenge and were anticipating a ring that we couldn’t yet even begin to imagine.

I smiled at L and she poked me, telling me to watch the road. I told her not to distract me, and Lemon Tree whined in the back seat. I glanced at him through the mirror and had to laugh when I thought about all of the conversations he had been party to. He would have many a tale to tell if he could speak. We stopped for coffee in a little café and sat out in the sun to chat about the different cuts of ring we had both been looking at. We began with the most popular engagement ring cuts we had seen.

Cut diagram

Overview of some of the most popular cuts featuring in engagement rings

Going Classic

The Princess Cut is a simple cut with a lot of flair, but L feels that, out of all of the classic designs, this one perhaps would be more suited to Bridget than herself. A princess cut is perfect for a woman who loves to be pampered; one of those naturally elegant ladies that makes a statement when they enter a room. This is the perfect cut for a girl who wants a big wedding just like in the fairy tales, and after all it is called a ‘princess cut’ for a reason. Any glamorous girl will appreciate the meaning behind this classic among classics of engagement ring shapes.

Platinum princess cut diamond by James Newman

Platinum princess cut diamond by James Newman

Vintage Glamour

The cushion cut is one of the engagement ring shapes that are softer than the princess cut, and perhaps that should reflect in the woman wearing it. This lady does not crave attention, but appreciates meaningful relationships with the people she’s close to. This girl is effortlessly romantic and delicate too.

A Good Solid Option

The Round Diamond is one of the most popular engagement ring cuts because it has that luxurious sparkle that every girl dreams about. It is a traditional stone that symbolises a love of the classics. I read somewhere that a girl who wears a round diamond is easy going, traditional and not too high maintenance and I believe that L could be the perfect lady for this one of the most popular engagement ring shapes. This is a cut that should never date and would be perfect for the special bride-to-be who loves ageless beauty and definitive class. We knew there was much more research to be done on the engagement ring cuts and the engagement ring shapes that were possible options for us, but for that Sunday we were just happy to enjoy each other’s company, hang out with Lemon Tree and remember why we were getting engaged in the first place.

Designers of uniquely shaped engagement rings

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