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The Rose Cut

Feb. 17 2014
The rose cut is one of the most popular engagement ring shapes nowadays, but it is far from being a modern design. Learn more about it here.

After our day out in the country last Sunday, I came home all inspired. In the quest to be individual and different, I decided to take some of the designs in nature that we came across on our walk and see how they might fashion into a nature inspired engagement ring.

Drawing has never been my strong point and when L looked over my shoulder and placed my morning coffee down on my desk, she had to hold her laughter back. She implied that she couldn’t even tell that my drawing was a ring!

I decided to take another tack and started with a Google search, which inadvertently led me to unearth some stunning engagement ring cuts and engagement ring shapes, such as the rose cut, which would be perfect places to start with my nature inspired design.

22ct & rose cut diamond ring by Alexis Dove

22ct & rose cut diamond ring by Alexis Dove

An Ageless Design

I know that we have said before how, despite the superficial changes that society has to go through, there are certain old-fashioned traditions, styles and items that will never age. And in the world of engagement ring cuts and engagement ring shapes this is no different, even if that fashion magazines and the popular culture headlines tell us that certain celebrities are wearing new and more modern styles and jewels. These short-lived fads fade, and undoubtedly the old classics stand the test of time.

I found that I was really taken with the classic rose engagement ring shapes and did not realise how old the design actually was. Unlike most engagement ring cuts, the rose cut has been popular since the 1500s and has never really gone out of style.

This is testament to its simple yet stunning look and the true elegance of the design. There was a slight dip in the rose cut’s popularity in the 1900s but it soon enjoyed a revival that has put it firmly on the list of much sought after engagement ring cuts.

Inspired by Nature

It may seem obvious that the rose cut was named as such because it resembled a rose. But it is quite incredible how intricate this cut actually is and how stunningly it replicates the petals of the flower.

Blue sapphire rose cut ring by James Newman

Blue sapphire rose cut ring by James Newman

The overall look of the engagement ring is delicate, distinctive, detailed and extremely graceful, and over the years designers have improved on the traditional rose-cut diamond ring by mixing it with other engagement ring cuts and engagement ring shapes. Tiffany’s, for example, presented a solitaire rose-cut diamond which truly was remarkable. Other designers have baked gold or silver into the setting, which enhances the sparkle and shine.

Whatever alterations and innovations may have been made to the rose cut, one fact remains and that is that this is one of the most classic engagement ring cuts out there. I know I am a little goofy at times and we both love being different, but I can’t deny the allure of this timeless favourite.

After all, you can never go wrong with a bit of tradition, can you?

L laughs and rubs my shoulders and I am not sure if she agrees.

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