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The Organic Rub Over Engagement Ring Setting

Jan. 6 2015
Jon Dibben’s engagement ring settings create natural and seamless designs. See a breath-taking example of Jon's craftmanship here.

Jon Dibben creates bespoke pieces of jewellery that have an organic and natural feel. He has managed to interpret the natural world around us and transferred a sense of growth and vitality to this ring so that for me it feels as though a piece of nature is held and celebrated in the flowing beauty of this design.


Instinctive Design

The diamond and platinum solitaire engagement ring setting have retained their innate sense of being part of the earth despite the highly finished and great workmanship that have gone into creating this unique ring. The feature that I particularly love is the way the rub over setting has been cut away, reminiscent of petals to reveal more of the diamond’s beauty. It really does create the picture of the ring blooming like a flower.

Your Perfect flower engagement ring, designed by taylor & hart

Form and Function

The platinum band of this piece of jewellery has been highly polished. To me, this gives the ring fluidity like flowing water and the clever rub over engagement ring setting with the single perfect diamond gives the impression of a water lily floating on its surface.

In essence, this ring symbolises for me something that is to be cherished and nourished over the years and will only grow in beauty, as it gets older.

Jon loves harmony and the intermingling of form and function. Working closely with his clients, he is able to sensitively interpret and realise their ideas into highly skilled and beautifully unique jewellery.


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