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Possible Reasons for the Popularity of Cushion Cut Rings

Feb. 17 2014
Cushion cut engagement rings have been going through a revival, but what exactly prompted it? We offer a few theories below.

L has the impression that I’m not much of a romantic but actually I think she’s wrong – I too have an interest in our ring’s sentimental value. Out on my run this morning with Lemon Tree I put a few of my new ideas to him.

I wanted someone to know that I am considering doing some research into the kinds of rings my grandmother and L’s grandmother wore as their engagement rings. I thought it would be really romantic although, when I stopped for a stretch and Lemon tree cocked his head to one side in that inquisitive manner, I am not sure he agreed.

Great-great grandma and me by James Benninger, used under a Creative Commons License (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/legalcode)

L’s grandmother, here with our nepphew, wore a cushion cut engagement ring as well

Undeterred, I made some inquiries and realised that my quest was not going to be as easy as I thought. I would have to chat to the in-laws and do some more investigation, but in the meantime I decided to look at the rings that I could imagine our grandmother’s wearing, and before long I came across the cushion cut engagement ring.

The Amazing Cushion Cut

In a word, this design is stunning. The timeless designs and ideas never go out of fashion and although the latest trends and fads may dominate the headlines for a while, ageless elegance will always stand the test of time.

Once the paradigm for diamond rings, the cushion cut engagement rings were very popular during the 19th century. The cushion cut style is simply a diamond with rounded corners, such as you would find on the old mine cut, combined with an oval or rectangular shape, similar to the modern oval cut.

Contrary to popular belief, the cushion cut diamond is in fact an older, more classic cut than the two others mentioned here but, as with most of the older classic styles, was sadly relegated to the periphery of the fashion world in the 1800s when it was replaced with progressively bolder and more unusual cuts, then eventually with stones other than the diamond.

Sapphire cushion cut by Melanie Eddy

Sapphire cushion cut by Melanie Eddy

A Timeless Choice

This was at the time when the engagement ring scene blossomed and began to exhibit the diversity it boasts today. But as with any true classic, time is irrelevant and the cushion cut engagement ring came back in vogue.

Today this cut epitomises the vintage-inspired look that many couples want for their ring.

It is rare and consequently expensive, but I can’t deny the stunning beauty that embodies simplicity, elegance, class and beauty.

Not a follower of fashion, I have a real affinity with the idea of an ageless classic and while I am aware that fashions work in cycles, I think that a cushion cut engagement ring would fit beautifully with any current trend and be effectively dateless.

Cushion infinity dia ring by Jana Reinhardt

Cushion infinity dia ring by Jana Reinhardt

A Modest Statement

A cushion cut engagement ring could make a stone look incredible on any finger and its large size makes a statement without being too obvious. More modern cushion cut engagement rings are usually topped with a halo that sets the diamond off beautifully, bringing more attention to the stone and the overall ring.

I am more determined now to find out if our grandmothers were lucky enough to wear a ring of this stature. They may not have been high profile ladies of society, but I do know that my grandfather would have invested in a ring that truly symbolised everything my grandmother meant to him.

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