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Organic Engagement Ring Settings by Maria Thompson

Jan. 6 2015
Maria Thompson is a truly sensational talent when it comes to experimenting with engagement ring settings. Have a look at this one, for example!

I’m a really big fan of Maria Thompson’s flower inspired collection, so I was delighted to see she’d kept to the inspiration of all things organic with this engagement ring setting. The vibrant bud of a rose comes to mind, or the swirling pattern found on a conch seashell.

Interesting Engagement Ring Setting by Maria Thompson

Interesting Engagement Ring Setting by Maria Thompson

I adore any designer who can evoke beautiful images in my head with their creations; to me it’s a true sign of their creative ability. Maria is so talented that she manages to create designs with contrasting details, such as this design which looks so intricate and delicate but also has a strong and bold diamond centrepiece. I love how the metal twirls around the brilliant diamond, concealing it from the world as if it is a secret that only the wearer is allowed to see in its full glory.

When F and I met Maria Thompson she showed us how she designs her engagement ring settings by twisting and remoulding metal wires. I wondered how it would ever be possible to recreate such intricate designs with a solid metal, but Maria does it brilliantly.

It was almost as if the metal had come to live and entwined itself in front of our eyes.

She is a true master of her craft and has really got me thinking about what metal shapes I want to use for my own design!

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