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Engagement Ring Cuts Inspired by Natural Phenomena

Jan. 6 2015
Fei Liu has encapsulated a natural phenomenon within this stunning design, combining a brilliant round cut diamond with an intricately woven band.

I was extremely excited for my meeting with Fei Liu as I find his work so captivatingly beautiful. F and I love travelling and all things inspired by it, so as I looked at this design which is inspired by the Northern Lights I found myself beginning to daydream about the beauty of this natural phenomenon. Fei Liu has managed to capture its beauty so effectively that I found myself being transported to Iceland while I was looking at it.

Aurora plain 72 by Fei Liu

Aurora plain 72 by Fei Liu

The round cut of his centre stone creates such brilliance within the diamond that it is as if he has plucked a star from the infamous spectacle and fashioned a ring from it.

I can see the patterns of the lights in the intricate swirling ring band, but I love that my eyes are attracted to the diamond first as the stars surrounding the Northern Lights aren’t often focused on but are equally as beautiful as the lights themselves.

Fei Liu’s attention to detail plays a key role in all of his designs and comes largely from his Chinese background. His combination of Eastern and Western influences and blurring of lines between contemporary and traditional jewellery is what makes him one of my favourite designers. His work definitely got me thinking about detailing and I would love to apply any of his intricate details to my own bespoke engagement ring!

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