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The Different Types of Engagement Ring Cuts

Feb. 17 2014
Engagement ring cuts come in many shapes and sizes beyond the ten standard ones. Read on to discover more about the choices on offer.

Coffee, cake and more magazine browsing with Kay on the weekend drew my attention to the world of engagement ring cuts. Already confused enough with the ten classic styles, I did not relish the fact that there was even more choice available to me.

Kay and I are both pretty practical though, so I pulled out a pen and paper, drew up a pros and cons list for each one we decided to look at and readied myself for the onslaught.

Variations on a Theme

I had no doubt that we would whittle through the different engagement ring cuts and come up with a select few that would be my favourites. It was very apparent that the more popular cuts included the marquise cut, the pear cut, the emerald cut and the stunning cushion cut, and each of the different engagement ring cuts are designed to suit different styles of engagement ring bands, different stones and different budgets.

Apart from the ten main types of engagement ring cuts, we discovered several more that I really have to consider and each one, I soon realised, holds its own allure, appeal and practical purpose. While it soon became apparent that some of the more unusual engagement ring cuts were simple variations and deviations from the classics, there were others that were completely different and certainly demanded my attention.

The More Obscure Cuts

Kay pointed out a picture of a triangular trillion cut that displayed an undeniable brilliance that was incredibly striking. The rounded edges to the stark sides of the triangle were complemented by the raised surface of the stone itself and made for a fascinating and particularly unique ring.

Trillion cut

The Trillion cut: one of the lesser-known but brilliant engagement ring cuts

The baguette cut turned out to be one of the most popular of the more obscure engagement ring cuts but I loved the idea of the butterfly cut too. Perhaps a little fussy for me, I couldn’t help being taken by the intricacy of the detailing involved in the cut.

Baguette ring designed by David McLoughlin

10pt Baguette Dia ring designed by David McLoughlin

A Complicated Choice

I have no idea just yet whether F and I will settle for one of the standard engagement ring cuts or go all out and experiment with another option, but I do have an idea in my head of which engagement ring cuts of both the classic and the more individual designs I would go for.

Once again, thanks Kay for prompting me to draw up another useful list to add to our ever expanding collection.

Designers of uniquely shaped engagement rings

Ruth TomlinsonLondon
Beth GilmourLondon
Nicola HurstPlymouth
Andrew GeogheganYorkshire
Keith GordonHertfordshire