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A Modern Cut: Pear-Shaped Diamond Engagement Rings

Sep. 15 2015
In this opulent piece, Karlin Anderson plays with repeating patterns surrounding a magnificent pear-shaped diamond.

F and I are familiar with Karlin Anderson’s bold style, but this luxurious pear-shaped confection truly takes her style to the next level. Set in dazzling white gold, this ring features one large, pear-shaped diamond surrounded by concentric, descending layers of smaller diamonds.

The pear shape is a bold and modern choice for an engagement diamond.

It combines the fire of a round diamond with the sophisticated tapering of a marquise cut. The pear-shaped diamond is a detour from the traditional round cut, with an elegant point to draw the eye along the ring-wearer’s finger.


It’s all in the details with Karlin Anderson’s pear-shaped diamond ring.

Karlin increases the drama of her pear-shaped diamond by echoing its contours with two concentric pear-shaped rings of smaller diamonds, creating a multi-layered, multi-textured piece that shimmers and glitters with every movement of the wearer’s hand. F and I love how the surface of the ring seems to build up to the main event: that stunning pear-shaped diamond.

The edge of the ring is decorated with curling scrolls of white gold, a modern but subtle touch, helping to accentuate the closely-set diamonds adjacent to it. To me, the scroll work is highly reminiscent of the waves crashing around the shores of the British Isles.

The two round flanking diamonds, positioned where the setting meets the band, don’t steal the spotlight from the main event but rather complement it, as their round shape blends smoothly into an elongated triangle-shaped cutout that echoes the pear shape of the main stone above.

If that sounds like a lot going on in one ring, that’s because it is! But somehow Karlin Anderson manages to take these different elements and patterns and weave them into a piece that is cohesive and striking. Drawing on her upbringing in the rugged Shetland Islands, Karlin consistently creates dramatic and remarkable pieces.

Karlin’s sense of drama, her expert craftsmanship and her easy-going nature make her a fantastic designer to work with.

This ornate, sumptuous ring is evidence of the breadth and depth of her talent and passion.

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