Which Cuts Suit Yellow Stones?

Feb. 18 2014
Choose the right cut to enhance the splendour of a yellow engagement ring. Its colour is its greatest asset.

Our designers are constantly proving that the creation of an engagement ring is so much more calculated and premeditated than L or I had ever realised. Every element, choice and colour that is selected is done so with exact precision for a purpose beyond that which seems immediately apparent.

Nothing is chosen by chance or ‘just because’. The design of yellow engagement rings is a prime example of this very deliberate process with no decision being made lightly.

The Engagement Ring Challenge

I can tell that L is thrilled by this engagement ring design challenge as it totally appeals to her geeky love of impossible puzzles with a million pieces and of course that silly Rubik’s Cube that she holds on to.

I am the first to agree that I do not have the patience of a saint, which is what is required to figure out those confounded puzzles. But, nevertheless, I am extremely grateful that our Favourite Designers all seem to have this level of perseverance coursing through their blood and seem to thrive from it!

puzzle'd by Robert S. Donovan, used under a Creative Commons License (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/legalcode)

Sometimes, figuring out our perfect engagement ring seems like trying to make an impossible puzzle

Glowing Yellows

L and I were gazing dreamily at the latest, most exquisite yellow engagement rings that our designers had created and could simply not take our eyes off of them. Honestly, and I am not exaggerating this, it is as if the warmth and glow of the sun on a late summer’s afternoon, has been captured and mounted on each of these magnificent yellow rings.

It’s all in the Cut

The designer of these literal ‘little rays of sunshine’ explained that it was the cut of the stone that brought out its colour and brilliance. Unanimously they insist that the cut is one of the main factors to consider while choosing both the metal colour, setting and any additional stones.

Knock on Effects

All of these elements must work as a cohesive unit to create the final, breath-taking effect. You have to read into the future and consider how each step will look and then consider how it will affect the next 10 choices you make and then the next 10 etc. etc. I am quite relieved that we have experts to handle this equation for us.

Brilliant may not be Brilliant

Anyway, when it comes down to choosing the right cut for a yellow engagement ring the primary goal of enhancing its stunning colour, saturation and intensity, actually makes it a bit easier. Certain cuts, such as the popular round brilliant cut, actually reduce the colour due to the lack of light the shape permits to be reflected from the stone.

Yellow gemstones have their greatest assets enhanced with a ‘squarish’ cut or an oval one. The cut of a yellow stone is so important that a poorly cut one may even decrease its overall value.

18k yellow Fairtrade gold ethical cognac diamond ring by Amanda Li Hope

18k yellow Fairtrade gold ethical cognac diamond ring by Amanda Li Hope

Top 4 Cuts for Yellow

Our designers all seem to agree that that the top 4 cuts recommended for a yellow gem include the cushion cut, the oval, the princess and the radiant cut. Each one of these cuts is also open to a little artistic manoeuvring as a really skilled designer will not necessarily stay within the technical confines of these a cut’s definition.

Deeply coloured stones are so unique that many times their cut needs to be adjusted to suit certain characteristics within the stone.

The cushion cut is ideally suited to yellow engagement rings. It is described as a ‘more soothing cut than the modern ones……allowing the eye to travel into the diamond’. The partnership of the cushion cut with the brilliant and stunning yellow stone creates an awe-inspiring effect in the end.

Once again, our designers confirmed my suspicion that they are in fact mad scientists with overwhelming artistic talents that allow them to envision and then create these exquisite yellow masterpieces.


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