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Spectacular Citrine for Yellow Engagement Rings

Feb. 18 2014
Citrine can be a dazzling choice for a yellow engagement ring. Stunningly gorgeous, affordable and durable are but a few of its attributes.

F and I are now well aware that yellow engagement rings have become very popular, and I think we are in agreement that it is quite justified! The bright, cheerful hues of yellow gemstones simply seem to inspire creativity, originality and stunningly unique ideas amongst the designers we have spoken to.

Yellow diamonds and yellow sapphires have unlimited potential and each one exudes a playful elegance in a way that cannot help but make you smile. However, due to these stones fairly typical high prices we both were wondering if they could ever really be a reality for us. And then we were introduced to the gorgeous gem: Citrine.

Rhodium-plated silver and citrine ring by MAURO CATEB, used under a Creative Commons License (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/legalcode)

Citrine will add an exquisite warmth of tone to your engagement ring

Oh my, where to begin. Where yellow diamonds and yellow sapphires offer you varying shades of pale to intense yellow, Citrine adds in an exquisite element of warmth to its hues. The effect is truly lovely and little more charmingly modest than its dazzling counterparts. Not to say that Citrine does not glitter or shine just as brightly.

The stone is just as adaptable to any type of cut as a diamond, and gains just as much brilliance and fire from the process.

F enthusiastically did his usual scientific background check on this new stone for us and found that Citrine is actually the descriptive name for yellow coloured quartz. It is a very durable gemstone rating a 7.0 on the Mohs scale and is quite an excellent choice for everyday wear.

Citrine also does not require any specific or special care regimens beyond the common sense you would use to protect any beloved engagement ring. Citrine stones are found in a beautiful variety of golden yellows ranging from pale delicate shades to warm oranges with flashes of red.

The quartz stone displays a stunning play of light which makes them ideal for yellow engagement rings.

Our designers seem to find Citrine to be an inspiring and enchanting stone. It is widely available and quite affordable so the potential for creating an exquisite, eye-popping engagement ring can be an exciting reality for couples.

It seems that Citrine can do no wrong as the protagonist in the creation of a truly magnificent yellow engagement ring. It glitters, it dazzles, it shines, it is affordable and it certainly plays well with just about any choice of metal and setting. It is no wonder that our designers are quite enamoured with this exquisite stone.

Energy- boosting Citrine

And just to complete Citrine’s exemplary CV is the fact that the stone is regarded as one of the most powerful healing quartz stones available. For centuries Citrine has been revered for promoting vitality and energy to whomever wears it. Chinese Feng shui philosophy teaches that Citrine creates wealth and abundance and is also believed to uplift the spirit and lighten depression.

Artículos de meditación by Viva Iquique weblog / www.vivaiquique.com, used under a Creative Commons License (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/legalcode)

Citrine is regarded as one of the most powerful healing quartz stones available

After learning all of Citrine’s stellar attributes F and I were, to be honest, a little speechless. Where has this stone been our whole lives? How have we managed without it?

However, we both managed to bring ourselves back down to reality when one of our designers presented us with her latest yellow engagement ring creation that once again, superbly showcased a Citrine’s beauty and all its potential. Besides all the other wonderful features a Citrine has to offer, it simply came down to the fact that the ring was absolutely lovely.


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