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Go Bold! The Brighter the Colour the Better the Ring

Feb. 18 2014
Brighter is better when it comes to yellow diamond engagement rings. So embrace it and go bold!

Honestly, I have come to the conclusion that if you are willing to take that bold leap and choose a coloured engagement ring, why not jump into it whole- heartedly? As beautiful as all the pale yellow and pale pink engagement rings that L and I have seen are, part of me sees them as almost a half-commitment.

Yellow Topaz ring by Mark Somma, Used under a Creative Commons licence (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/legalcode)

Why not go all out with a bright yellow engagement ring?

So, just for the fun of it, and I think L thought I had momentarily lost it, I suggested that we find out just what it takes to make a gemstone as bright, bold and blazing as humanly possible! And what better place to start than a dazzling yellow diamond engagement ring?

Some of our designers are right on board with this mentality and believe that the brighter the better.

Their yellow diamond engagement rings are made to be show-stoppers, proudly controversial and unashamed of demanding attention.

We discovered that, although Mother Nature naturally provides gemstones with the astounding intensity they are looking for, they are few and far between and consequently quite pricey (read more about the yellow diamond and its different shades here). Thankfully, the genius of modern science happily comes to the rescue in this situation.

Venerable Colour

Or perhaps I should not give too much credit to ‘modern’ science. The process of colour enhancing gemstones through various techniques was first documented back in Roman times by Pliny the Elder. Over 2000 years later we are still doing it, perfecting it and demanding the final product.


Colour enhanced gemstones are extremely common and even the most prized and precious gems many have had some sort of treatment. The vibrant green emerald, deep crimson ruby and vivid yellow diamond are judged by their intense colour saturation so it only makes sense that efforts would be made to enhance and highlight these features.

Using Science to Make Yellow

However, given that a vivid yellow diamond commands an even higher price than the most exquisite white diamond, the likelihood of finding and obtaining one is slim. But fear not! That dazzling and intense yellow diamond engagement ring can be yours with the assistance of science, of course!

Individually Cultured

Lab created yellow diamonds are in higher demand than ever. These are not simulants or imitations mind you, they are chemically and structurally identical to a natural diamond. Each stone is individually cultured and has its own unique characteristics. All the traditional rules of the 4Cs apply and each stone is accordingly graded. Their exquisite beauty is only heightened by the benefits of being more accessible and more affordable to the masses.

Be Bold!

Sunflowers by Moyan Brenn, used under a Creative Commons License (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/legalcode)

Your bright yellow engagement ring will certainly lighten up the room like a sunflower

I’m not sure that L is convinced by the thought of pursuing an engagement ring that might have the potential of literally lighting up the room. However, I am a firm believer in having the courage of your convictions and so why not jump in with both feet if you love the vibrant and dazzling looks of brilliant yellow diamond engagement rings?

Now that it can be a reality the creative and original possibilities available to our designers have inspired some exquisite masterpieces. So don’t be afraid! Boldly go where no bride has gone before and explore the magnificent frontier of coloured engagement rings!


Susan PeiresLondon
Andrew LeggettSussex
Keith GordonHertfordshire
Catherine MannheimLondon
Deborah CadbyLondon