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Yellow, White, Platinum… or Rose Gold?

Feb. 25 2014
Yellow or white gold is not your only option. Rose gold engagement rings are beautiful and unique alternatives.

In the office this morning, I was telling one of the guys that L and I were considering a rose gold engagement ring. He seemed surprised and said that he didn’t think that L was the rose gold type. Choosing to ignore the reasons why he may have made that assumption, I took my opportunity to make the case for this particular hue of gold.

Contrary to popular belief, it transpires that the guys in an office love a gossip and a chat as much as the girls, and before long there were a few of us hanging around the kettle and making our way through the digestives while chatting about engagement rings.

Could have made a great scene in a comedy sitcom, but in truth we actually ended up having an inspired discussion about the choice of band material for the perfect engagement ring.

Most of us agreed that this was a monumental task and one that would hugely impact the overall look of the ring itself. Rose gold engagement rings are a distinctive and beautiful alternative to the traditional offerings and, although most of the guys had never considered it, they were all ears, especially when I told them how many celebrities were wearing them and how the modern lady reportedly loves something that bit different.

9 Ct interlocking rose and white gold ring set with a diamond by Daniel Gallie

9 Ct interlocking rose and white gold ring set with a diamond by Daniel Gallie

Rose Gold for Top Spot

Rose gold, like all gold used to create jewellery, is an alloy. Rose gold is alloyed with copper, to create a metal with a beautiful and alluring rose tinted hue, with the intensity of the red colour affected by the amount of copper used in the alloy.

Rose gold is just as valuable as its yellow and white counterparts and can be found in 14k and 18k. Prices for rose gold are actually typically similar to these of yellow gold engagement rings. Copper, which is a very strong metal, makes rose gold the most durable of all the different golds, which is something the guys could really relate to.

The romantic, pinkish hues of rose gold engagement rings are certainly appropriate for the symbolism of such a ring, and the subtle colouring suits most skin tones and complexions and keeps its lustre with simple, regular cleaning.

As an added bonus, copper, since ancient times, is believed to have great healing properties.

I stopped there with the wishy washy romantic and meaningful side of choosing rose gold, as I knew that none of the guys would want to let the others see them take an interest in this aspect, and I continued with a focus on the more practical issues.

Endless Options with Rose Gold

Rose gold engagement rings are an excellent choice if you want something slightly alternative and unique while still retaining a classic, traditional look. Rose gold can also be used in addition to other metals on your ring. The rose hue of the gold is a charming accent for delicate filigree designs and stunning examples of this detailed craftsmanship can be seen in the Art Deco-influenced rings of the 1920s.

9Ct rose gold ring set with pink sapphires by Daniel Gallie

9Ct rose gold ring set with pink sapphires by Daniel Gallie

Rose gold can be woven into intricate knots and patterns, displaying details beautifully against a contrasting metal, as in the Russian ring idea, and the distinctive rose colour works well for engagement rings using inlays of different metals.

Again, the subtle colour contrast highlights the craftsmanship and intricacies of artistic designs.

Unusual design techniques have become more popular in the pursuit of obtaining that one-of-a-kind engagement ring. Mokume Gane is a Japanese technique of blending metals that creates a distinguishing, wood-grain appearance. The rosier golds worked with this technique are truly unique pieces of art.

So, coffees finished and the whole packet of biscuits gone, we went back to work. I was secretly pleased that the guys had taken such an interest and that this engagement ring mission was certainly not in vain.

Hearing myself regale all I had learned made it very clear to me that the possibility of a rose gold engagement ring was a definite.


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