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Rose Gold Engagement Rings Inspired by Nature

Jan. 28 2015
This rose gold engagement ring summons warm feelings of an earthly nature for F and L. See how Mirri Damer creates magic with rose gold!

L couldn’t help but giggle at my envy as Mirri Damer told us about her walks across the coast of Cornwall. I can definitely understand why Mirri is so inspired by the place she lives and I love the nature-inspired motif that is evident within this rose gold engagement ring.

Mini bud set by Mirri Damer

Mini bud set by Mirri Damer

There’s something about the pinkish tint of the gold that provokes in me a sense of warmth and intrigue.

I could see L begin to daydream as she looked at Mirri’s design, as she finds this precious metal very romantic. I do agree it certainly has romantic connotations with its vintage popularity and rosy, feminine glow.

Mirri’s choice of metal colouring perfectly encapsulates her Cornish surroundings; it reminds me of the golden tint of the sky during a beautiful sunset. The diamonds sparkle the same way I imagine the sun to shine off of the ocean water.

The circular settings which cradle the brilliant diamonds bring images of flower buds growing along the cliff face to my mind. I can see Mirri’s strong sense of proportion within the perfect placing of the diamonds and careful selection of which buds do and don’t contain a stone. Her practical craftsmanship and eye for detail combine together with stunning results.

It is a true testament to her talent that Mirri can transport me to such a beautiful place with just one glance at her rose gold engagement ring.


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